Releases Final Single Of Upper Cuts Series:
"2 NICE"

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"We'll miss you Upper Cuts...thanks for all the jams"
-Vice Thump

*For Immediate Release: November 25th, 2015* 
*All Content Cleared For Posting*
If you’ve been seeing Branko play around the world in the last year, chances are you’ve heard this track before. After serving as a secret weapon for his lively DJ sets for months, the Lisbon-based producer decided to give it away for free as the Upper Cuts Season 6 closer, ending yet another series of global club music anthems compiled by the most tropical label in Europe. 

Branko decides to give his listeners a DJ-friendly anthem, with its tough syncopated rhythm, warped looping vocals and fierce anything-goes attitude contrasting with the textured and melodic approach to global club music he presented on his solo debut album ‘ATLAS’ earlier this year. As we are almost at the end of Branko’s busiest year yet, the Enchufada head honcho seized the opportunity to give his followers one more treat before going back on tour, while also making it possible for the Upper Cuts free download series to go full circle, ending this season with a track by the same artist that kicked it off three years ago. 

It’s exactly the kind of track we’ve been giving away since the Upper Cuts series officially started, shedding all non-essentials to create a straightforward club beat, which is exactly why it’s so perfect to signal the end of this three-year adventure. That’s right, all good things must end and the Upper Cuts series will retire after this to give space for new and exciting projects inside the Enchufada camp.
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Photo Credit: João Retorta
João Barbosa AKA Branko first became known on the International scene as the driving creative force in Buraka som Sistema, the worldwide phenomenon whose releases helped create a new attitude towards global sounds. The seminal collective is responsible for reshaping dance music culture and spawning a myriad of sub-genres that shaped the Global Club Music scene and were championed by the producer's label Enchufada.
Branko's solo work has included several singles, a mixtape and an EP, featuring collaborations with Zebra Katz, Roses Gabor, Dominique Young Unique and Njena Redfoxx, but 2015 sees him taking on his most ambitious project to date. Challenging the notion that "everything has already been discovered," Branko is embarking, in partnership with Red Bull, on a musical journey across the globe, diving into some of the most vibrant music scenes today to meet and work with a new generation of artists.Traveling with a film crew he will visit Capetown, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, and New York before finally returning to Lisbon, taking in the local sights and sounds and heading in to the studio to work with local artists. 
The end result will be his debut full-length album, ATLAS, and a 5 episode Web Series featuring his travels. Viewers and listeners will be exposed to a whole new wave of crucial artists who are creating today's most innovative music.
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