IAHF List:
Everything thats going on right now with this swine flu vaccine threat seems surreal doesn't it? Kinda like the way your reflection looks when you look at yourself in a funhouse mirror and your whole world gets turned upside down as thin people become "fat" and "fat" become "thin" and theres so much news spin comin' at us that sometimes it almost takes your breath away and you just wanna scream at the top of your lungs: "STOP THE WORLD, I WANNA GET OFF!!!"
Here in the Pacific NW, land of the Wobblies, the Goofy and the Disgruntled, we've had the ruling elite's population reduction and control scam, the FDA/ Health Canada/Big Pharma Scam, and the Federal Reserve Scam figured out for a long, long time because this is a zone of outside the box thinkers, iconoclasts, and innovators- its a place where that pioneer spirit of the old west lives on, a place where people still possess that rugged individualism that once made America a great country- and thank God for that.
Many of us here, on both sides of the US/ Canadian border have had ENOUGH of the evil edicts handed down from peons on high in Ottawa and Washington who have climbed atop pedestals from which they routinely urinate down on our heads.... and we want to form our own country. We invite you to move here to help us do that. Come here to "The Bob" http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0408/feature7/  Soon we're gonna have our own micro pirate radio station http://monsterguide.net/how-do-i-build-a-low-power-fm-radio-station and once "The Bob" "The VOICE of Point Roberts" is up and running with our subversive counter Fedstapo programming we'll be well on our way to achieving our GOAL of becoming the Capital of Cascadia from which we will flip ULTIMATE BIRD to the US and Canadian gummints and their shadow gummint controllers.
Our movement has been in the works for a long time, but the way things are going, we just might have our chance SOON to break away and turn our dream of Cascadia into reality: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascadia_(independence_movement) Soon we'll have our own currency and LETS barter system up and runnin' because we simply REFUSE to be SLAVES to the NWO here. We REFUSE to either "drink the coolaid" OR take the damn vaccine, and you can see the iron clad resolve we have by checkin' out our second Anti Vaccine Rally held on the steps of the Vancouver (BC) Art Gallery right here in "The Big Soak" since we videotaped it for posterity,  the better to flip BIRD to BOTH evil gummints and their shadow gummint genocidal string pullers:
Some very important info for anyone thinking about getting the H1N1 Flu Vaccine.

It begins with Dr. Chris Shaw of UBC (a Neuroscientist speaking out AGAINST vaccines!), followed by 11 other clips from a recent public rally in Vancouver, BC 10 minutes of Dr. Shaw plus many others (97 minutes in total)

Anti-Forced Vaccination Demonstration in Vancouver on Sept. 26th, 2009 (second one). A previous one was held on Aug 28th. It was the first ever in the world. Now it is catching on in the USA and UK too.
Yours truly was without question the most pissed off of the Speakers at this Rally, and I went second, right after Dr.Shaw (pictured above.) If you listen to my speech, it will help you to more thoroughly digest the info in my last e-alert which you'll find at http://www.ymlp121.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+3805 
1. Help keep me alive. I am on the red list of people to be executed just before martial law which is on its way. I have contingency plans in case I have to split from here, but theres no fuel left in the financial tank, I'm ridin' on proverbial FUMES, and I won't be much good to you guys if I get whacked or stuck in a FEMA Camp, so I need you to consider dumpin' some DINERO, as in some LONG GREEN into IAHF's collection of zinc oxide deposits on some computer tape inside the damn bank vault in case I need to SPLIT to parts unknown (except to me) so I can live to fight another day.
The best way to help is to get the IAHF Special Report and E-Book on how to use Food Grade H202 to protect yourself from the weaponized flu and weaponized vaccine if you haven't already, and if you already have, please donate again because ammo and food storage aint cheap, and neither are contingency plans: http://www.iahf.com/ (scroll down to the "Donate" button)
Once again, please don't ask me to snail mail these items to you, they're only available by email in electronic form, but the info could save your life and the lives of your family and everyone all around you.
2. Be a Lighthouse. Go to http://www.falseflagflu.com/#Tools  Download our Trifold flyer, and pick a busy public place to set up a table to hand it to passers by from. Organize a meeting at your community center or library multipurpose room in order to wake people up. I am one person, but one person can do a lot if they work at it. All of you on my list know things the general public does not know. Most are like sheep being led to the slaughter. Please help me wake them up, you CAN do this!
3. Once you HAVE my Special Report and E-Book, please don't let it collect dust!!! Actually READ the info and GET the recommended supplies. Get in your food storage for at least 6 months, longer if you can, shorter if your finances won't allow for more. Be ready to put in a garden. Build a greenhouse, or get out of the City and into a rural area.....
4. Develop a closer conscious contact with Creator. One way to do this is to help those around you, do things to make this a better world. Commit some random acts of kindness, it will help you worry less, worry just elevates cortisol levels and that stress weapens your immune system putting you more at risk of picking up swine flu from someone who doesn't know enough not to take the vaccine.