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March 24, 2014

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

NSW State Election

Offshore Voting Location

Scotland Island Children’s Centre, Catherine Park

Open Saturday March 28, from 8am to 6pm

Ensure the future of our polling place on Scotland Island by casting your vote at the Children’s Centre! 

Rob Stokes at Currawong

Announcements Tomorrow at Currawong

Rob Stokes, accompanied by the Energy Minister, will be on the 10 am ferry from Palm Beach to Currawong tomorrow (WED).

There are two announcements being made at Currawong tomorrow morning at 10:30am which may interest many offshore residents.
  1. The announcement of the long-awaited Currawong State Park. Everyone is welcome to come along  - including the countless local residents who supported the hard-fought campaign to prevent its residential subdivision.
  1. Rob will be joined by the NSW Energy Minister Anthony Roberts to announce a major upgrade of the power supply to Pittwater’s offshore communities – including Elvina Bay, Lovett Bay, Morning Bay and Scotland Island.

Feeling thankful....

Some of you may already know whilst we were away last week, a fire started at our house on Scotland Island.

The fire began in our laundry (we think it was a faulty fridge) sometime before 7am on Saturday morning.  At the time 4 kids and and our mum we asleep in the house.

By 7.15 the laundry was completely on fire and was spotted by neighbours across the road Nick and Emma Ives.  They quickly raised the alarm and evacuated everyone via the bottom floor as flames were spreading to the roof and the main upstairs part of the house was full of smoke.

Our neighbour Lee Spence, who by some amazing stroke of luck, is an experienced firefighter himself and is equipped with actual fire hoses, high pressure water pump and gas masks, then fought back flames and almost extinguished the fire assisted by Nick Ives.  The RFS arrived and were able to put out the rest of the fire and check for hotspots.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole Ives family, and Lee and Debbie Spence, to whom we owe our family's lives and our home.  Thank you also to the volunteers of the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade, yet again for your protection of our community.  Special Thanks also to Jenny Winterton and Tabatha Brownrigg for a roof over our heads and all our other island friends who supported my mum and our children whilst we were away.

 We have always loved our community but at the moment we feel especially blessed to live in such a special place.

On a final note, We felt particularly bad about the fact that we didn't have a working smoke alarm(s). Since our return we've spoken to a number of others who admit they don't either. Needless to say we'll be getting them installed and if you haven't, encourage you all to do the same.  Had we not had the benefit of our quick thinking and brave neighbours we might not have been so lucky.

Nikki and Matt


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Council Notice

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Scotland Island Vegetation Collection

Monday March 30

  • A maximum of 2 cubic metres of vegetation for each household
  • Leaf litter, grass clippings and prunings TO BE PLACED IN HARD SIDED CONTAINERS
  • Branches to be no longer than 1.2m and BUNDLED AND TIED TOGETHER WITH TWINE
  • No plastic, hessian or nylon bags
  • No cardboard, foam or polystyrene boxes
  • No soil or untied bundles
  • Any material not complying with collection guidelines will be left on the road side for residents to arrange private collection

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Please place your vegetation out on the roadside BY SUNDAY, MARCH 29 - as described

Download Vegetation Brochure here

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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach