Pre-Autumnal Equinox and Therefore Technically Still Summer 2008 (Issue #7)
Desperately Seeking Newsletter Name: The Official Newsletter of Jeri Smith-Ready
September 4, 2008

In this issue:
--Upcoming releases: THE REAWAKENED and BAD TO THE BONE
--Free Online Story: "Rave On"


The kids are back to school, football season begins tonight, and a few leaves on our maples have turned some odd color that cannot precisely be described as "green." But linger for another moment in the Season of Heat and Freedom, if only to humor your favorite procrastinator (that would be me, right?), and read my…Summer Newsletter!



I'm thrilled to announce the conclusion of my ASPECT OF CROW trilogy with the biggest, wildest installment yet. THE REAWAKENED takes place nearly two decades after the end of VOICE OF CROW. The Descendants have occupied Asermos and Velekos, two of the Spirit people's four villages. Things are bad, and you know what they say about desperate times…

Read an excerpt here:
Pre-Order links here:

Vive La Resistance!


The sequel to WICKED GAME will appear on May 12, 2009. These further adventures of Ciara and the vampire DJs will cover Halloween through New Year's of the same year as WICKED GAME. The station is threatened by a sinister new enemy, and Ciara befriends a stray dog who might be a whole lot more than meets the eye.

Pre-order links here:


But first! As promised, I've posted the second story in the how-the-DJs-became-vampires series (hmm, it needs a catchy title-how about "Turning Tales"? You like? Yeah? No? Yeah?).

On the Day the Music Died, Spencer (the Fifties DJ) literally meets his maker. For the first time, we get to see what happens to a brand-new vampire as he deals with the transformation into an immortal being:

There's a playlist at the bottom of each page for your listening pleasure, featuring tunes that inspired the story and/or appeared in it.

BONUS GIVEAWAY: Everyone who e-mails me at (or just replies to this newsletter) with a comment on Spencer's story will be put into a drawing to win a Sun Records 50th Anniversary multi-CD collection, featuring artists like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash in their primes. Great stuff! The drawing will take place at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time on September 17, 2008.

By being a subscriber, you've just gotten a week's sneak peek at the story. No one else knows about it yet. Aren't you special? Yes. Yes, you are.

Find the first in the short story series, "Crossroads" (Monroe's tale) here:


WICKED GAME had a very successful release this past May-it got scads of good reviews, including one from bestselling author Charlaine Harris on her Book of the Week blog:

"Just when I think the vampire genre must be exhausted, just when I think if I read another clone I'll quit writing vampires myself, I read a book that refreshed my flagging interest. Jeri Smith-Ready's WICKED GAME was consistently surprising and original."

Yes, I'll die happy now.

Plus, it went back for a second printing after only three weeks! Early reprints are the strongest indicator of a book's unexpectedly good performance. I'm terrifically grateful to everyone who bought it in its first month and helped me spread the word, especially my incredible Street Team. This would NOT have happened without you. Seriously.


--September 21-22, New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association Fall Convention
--October 15, 7PM, Carroll County Library, Westminster, MD
--October 17-19, Capclave, Rockville, MD
--November 1, Borders Express, Lancaster, PA (time TBA)
--November 29, Borders, Winchester VA (tentative)
--December 6, Petsage Open House, Alexandria, VA
--April 22-26, 2009: Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, Orlando, FL

Keep an eye on my News/Appearances page for updates:



I have two Advance Review Copies of THE REAWAKENED to give away. I'd like to see them go to current fans of the series, the ones who are really salivating for it, so to enter, please reply to this newsletter with your best-guess answer to the following question:

Who is the Raven?

Everyone who sends me a character name will be entered in a random drawing to take place at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time on September 10, 2008. All entries will be eligible for the drawing, not just the correct ones.

BONUS entry opportunity! To double your chances to win, tell me WHY you think this person is the Raven.

Keep an eye on my blog in mid-September for a chance to win the other ARC:


Since a lot of you have come aboard since WICKED GAME's release, I thought I'd tell you about my monthly prize drawing tied in with the ASPECT OF CROW trilogy:

***Discover Your Spirit Animal!***

If you were an animal, which would you be? Are you strong as a bear, loyal as a wolf, crafty as a fox?

My website features an interactive personality quiz to determine which of twelve Animals from the series you would be:

Every month belongs to one of the twelve Animals. E-mail me your quiz results for automatic entry in a prize drawing during your Animal's month:

November: Crow
December: Wolf
January: Spider
February: Wolverine
March: Otter
April: Fox
May: Hawk
June: Bear
July: Owl
August: Swan
September: Cougar
October: Horse

For instance, if your quiz results showed you were a Wolf, you might receive a prize on December 31. Prizes include totem stones, jewelry, artwork, and more!


Before each newsletter, I do a random drawing from the mailing list to win a prize. This issue's winners are Caitlin8517 and Leleliasky! The prize is an autographed copy of their choice of Jeri Smith-Ready novels, past or future. (I'll be e-mailing the winners momentarily.)

So stay subscribed: you never know when the impulse to be nice will overtake me. It's rare, but it does happen.


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Mini-bookmarks: four out of five doctors recommend them!

Simply send your mailing address to and tell me for which book(s) you'd like a bookplate and/or bookmark. Then sit back and watch your mailbox. Not all day, of course-I'm happy for you to play hooky to read my books, but not for this.

Happy reading, everyone!