Richard Herring Newsletter
May 2018
The Bluebells are out in Hertfordshire and look how much fun we're having.
Because it's nearly May and I've failed to hit all my writing deadlines. Hooray.
Here's what's going on before my long summer holiday.
The tour continues to delight and confound and as yet none of the crowds have been under 100 (or 100% in the one case where the venue was smaller)
There's three of the biggest dates of the tour coming up soon, Nottingham, Leeds and the DVD record in London.
In an effort to make some compensation for higher London prices and to try and get the massive 900 seat Queen Elizabeth Hall as full as possible, we are offering everyone who comes to the London gig on May 4th a FREE Christmas Emergency Questions book (rrp £10)
Sales are picking up and it's sold well over 500 tickets with 8 days to go,but if we can get to over 800 then it will be the biggest gig of my career so far.
I am not doing the Edinburgh Fringe this year so there will not be a 2019 tour and not sure when my next full length new stand up show will be, so do come along to this. It's not a swan song and I am planning to keep creating shows, but it'd be a brilliant celebration of what I have very slowly achieved over the last 18 years if it was full (it won't be full)
27th Wolves
6th Machynlleth Festival (also doing a RHLSTP here, but it has sold out.
10th Liverpool 7pm (nearly sold out)
20th Newcastle 1.30pm early show
7.30pm evening show (nearly sold out)
26th Bristol (nearly sold out)
27th Wells
Also doing a RHLSTP in Wells (only 3 tickets left)
6th Warwick Arts Centre (almost sold out)
The ones in danger of getting fewer than 100 in are Scarborough, Liverpool (late) Barnard Castle, Bishops Stortford and Bedford. Still time to turn those around though!
The big news this month is that I have been commissioned to write a new Emergency Questions books that will be going in the shops and everything! It's going to be published by Sphere and have 1001 questions (around about 300 of the best from the first two books, another 150 ish from the app extra backs, but over half of them will be never published before).
It will be out in October and is the perfect Christmas gift (will work for fans of the podcast and people who have never heard of it)
The other Emergency Questions book may come off sale before the launch, so if you want them, buy them NOW
My hope has always been that those who bought these books early will be rewarded with them being a collector's item if the idea takes off in a big way. So worth a punt if you want to take one of these to the Antiques Roadshow in 2108.
I am supposed to complete this book by the end of April - but I won't. But I have made some good headway on it (about 350 questions still to write).
If you haven't seen the Brian Blessed episode yet, then you have a treat awaiting you. We've just released the Pippa Evans podcast and next week will be Maria Bamford. And we've still got Sophie Willan, Desiree Burch, Al Murray, My Dad Wrote a Porno and Mark Steel to come
You can watch here
(also on iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
or iTunes
The next series starts in September - no guests as yet, but lots of people asking to come on now!
And if you want to help us make even more podcasts, and get festooned with amazing extras including all the RHLSTP backstage interviews, downloads of all my stand up shows, exclusive video question and answer sessions, entry into a monthly prize draw PLUS find out the RHLSTP guests before everyone else then why not become a Dripster
You'd be paying less than a pound a week in return for 365 blogs and about 40 RHLSTPS.
If you want pretty much all of that, but not the stand up shows (not sure if you'll get the Q and A sessions either) then set your own price and become a monthly badger.
This is very much an either/or choice with whichever package suits you best.
I have written one and a half of the four episodes. Luckily due to actor availability the recording has been put back until June, so I should have time to write these.

House of Games
I recorded my 5 episodes of this in April and it should be on TV in May or June. Have I broken the TV quizzing curse? I can only say that the competition I was up against was ferocious.
Is it just me or are pirates getting younger?
Thanks for reading