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Never attempt to cross the American continent in a 26' Diesel U-Haul truck with a bad clutch, a bad windshield wiper motor, a radio that doesn't work, and side rails on the inside that are pulling away from the walls of the truck- guaranteeing damage to anything you try to secure, as well as guaranteeing an avalanche inside the truck.

I emailed you during the trip from Iowa, but wanted to fill you in on how the REST of the trip went after we left there, since it won't soon be forgotten!

Before arriving here in Point Roberts, Washington, http://www.pointrobertsusa.com we travelled through Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, BC Canada, and back across the US border into Point Roberts http://www.pointrobertsusa.com

We were concerned before making the trip about the possibility of running into some early season snow, and we found it in Wyoming at night, after driving all day to get through South Dakota so we were dog tired by the time we got into Wyoming's high country. The weather forecast was calling for really bad weather as a Canadian cold front moved in, and we were worried about getting snowed in on the east side of the Rockies, but we drove all the way through Wyoming and as we climbed Homestake Pass into Butte, Montana on the twisting, turning mountain roads, high winds destroyed the ancient windshield wiper motor, causing the wiper blades to stop vertically, right in my field of view on the windshield.

Luckily, there was a U-Haul repair facility in Butte which cannibalized another truck to get us a wiper motor that worked, and we were on our way heading for Spokane Washington. Despite having a clutch that was on the verge of failing, we made it over first Homestake Pass into Butte, then over Lookout Pass where we crossed the Continental Divide as we entered Coeur d' Alene Idaho. Either Mountain Pass could have killed us as the clutch failed while we attempted to climb a very steep hill in Spokane, Washington while trying to get to Maury Silverman's cousin's house for the night. We got two thirds of the way up this hill before the clutch failed completely. Maury and I were yelling at each other. I was driving and could tell the clutch was failing, and he kept yelling at me to shift it into first. I yelled back that the clutch was failing, but he was insistent that we COULD climb the very steep hill in first and told me to shift into first and step on the brake and let my foot off the clutch and brake while he floored it, but it wouldn't budge and we could both smell the burned asbestos indicating a burned out clutch.

The Emergency Brake wasn't holding us and I had to stomp hard on the brake while Maury shoved a big wedge of wood under a back wheel, and we held our breath while waiting for U-Haul to send a huge tow truck. Down at the bottom of the extremely steep hill was a local state highway and my adrenaline was pumping. After a few hours of sweating bullets, making feverish calls for help on my cell phone, we were finally towed into a large U-Haul repair facility, which luckily for us had a 4 post hydraulic lift capable of putting a Fire Engine up in the air, (so we escaped having to transfer all of our cargo to another truck.) They repaired the clutch and we were on our way a couple days later.

The border crossings into BC Canada and back into Point Roberts, USA were uneventful, and we made it here to Point Roberts after 10 days on the road, last Friday. Candace is now with me after 4 years of a long distance relationship, and its great to finally be with her. We're going to turn IAHF into a membership organization, and welcome your input and suggestions.

In my last email I told you the great news of bill C-420 passing in Canada to throw off the yoke of oppression whereby Canadian vitamin laws were harmonized to Australian law last June. After sending out that email, I had a call from a prominent Australian health freedom fighter who is going to relay word of passage of C-420 to an Australian Senator who is asking questions about the need for Australia to reform their supplement laws.

Tomorrow I will call the Canadian health freedom fighters who got bill C-420 passed to find out if they're still planning on suing Health Canada and the corrupt Canadian Health Food Association as had been previously planned- I hope they carry on with those plans. What we need to do is form new vitamin trade associations world wide, associations that WON'T turn their backs on consumers the way all the current vitamin trade associations in the world have.

Candace and I envision getting a used VW Vanagon to take the IAHF message on the road all over the N.American continent. We envision turning IAHF into a membership organization with chapters world wide, and a members only section for the website. We plan on putting together a Power Point Presentation that exposes IADSA and related corrupt trade associations world wide. The Australian who just called me today told me that Val Johanson, the corrupt leader of the Australian vitamin trade association was just in Rio de Janiero in Brazil at an IADSA Conference at which she attempted to mispreresent herself as a supposed "representative of the Australian government" (she USED to work for the TGA), and she and Pfizer's Dennin are trying to get South America to harmonize their laws to Australia's.

IAHF intends to communicate the news of passage of C-420 in Canada to health freedom contacts in South America to get them aware that the yoke of Australian oppression was just thrown off in Canada. (Johanson played a role in Canada's harmonizing to Australian law earlier in the summer, and she along with Dennin and Dag Polezenski in Norway are the most dangerous plants in the world, but we're exposing them all.

Foremost on our list of things to do is to awaken the American supplement industry to the dire need to help ANH sustain their lawsuit now that its been introduced.
We will bring a message to the American industry that they need to form a new vitamin trade association just like Trueman Tuck, Croft Woodruff, and Peter Helgason are in Canada and for the exact same reasons.

In the long run, there is no way the Cartel can stop IAHF from disseminating the truth. We just proved nothing can stop us by driving a beat to shit U-Haul truck across the North American continent despite a bad clutch a, bad windshield wiper motor, and not having a working radio. The only way Dennin and Pfizer can stop the IAHF message is to kill me, but we're ready for even THAT possibility. It all boils down to this: Our Creator gave us the healing nutrients to help us escape the tyranny of poisonous pharmaceutical drugs, and we have protection from the most powerful force in the Universe. Next to that, all of Pfizer's money doesn't amount to a hill of beans. David CAN slay Goliath. Trueman Tuck, Croft Woodruff, Tony Stephan, Peter Helgason and the other committed Canadian health freedom fighters who drive bill C-420 through to completion proved this and the rest of the world is about to experience similar upheaval.
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