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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
- November 2008 -
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia Volume 9, Issue 349
November 2008


What an extremely busy month we have just had on the Island ! More events in one month that I can remember. From the hugely entertaining Ladies Sing the Blues to the inaugural Art Mart Exhibition, a truely inspiring exhibition of this communities extraordinarily talented artists; breakfasts here, coffees there; demonstrations; community meetings; fund raising; Ian White getting elected (that was last month - well it seemed like just yesterday anyway !), and to top it off, Paul the editor of our electronic newsletter is handing over the reins. Yes that's right, after 8 long years Paul is going to take a well earned break from editing the Pittwater Offshore Newsletter and purse other interests.

His letter to readers follows;

Dear Readers
After 8 years and some 360 issues, I have decided to hang up my keyboard. It has been a wonderful experience and the bringing of an electronic newsletter to the offshore community has seen a remarkable change to the way 'offshorers' relate to each other and participate in functions that they might not have done in previous decades.

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Julian Muir to the position of editor in chief. He has the full support of all of the offshore community, in particular the committee of SIRA, who see the newsletter as one of their most important activities. He has the combined gift of technical ability and a sharp pen and I commend him to you.

I do invite you to contribute to the newsletter, to help Julian maintain a flow of relevant information that will be useful to all of us. You can contact him in the usual way, by emailing him at editor@scotlandisland.org.au  He would love articles, pictures, bouquets (and brickbats). Show him that you like receiving the newsletter by contributing an item.

Thank You for allowing me to be part of the very best community in Australia
With Best Wishes, Paul Purvis

Kind words Paul, thankyou and on behalf of the Offshore Community I would like to thank you for the unrelenting service you have given to us. To have built up the Pittwater Offshore Newsletter to become such an important information tool in our lives, is testament to your tenacity, patience and dedication.  

Personally I feel I have a huge pair of shoes to fill - however with everyones assistance, and continuing contributions, I am sure that what you have created here will only grow and improve over time.

And to conclude, a few personal words from Bill Gye.

" Dear Julian and Paul,
It is my turn to acknowledge both of you - Julian for stepping into the breech while Paul was away and doing a great job; and of course Paul's contribution to this community over the past several years of the PON is … well just very classy - it is amazing how with a lot of good things that seem to continue on without much acknowledgment or awareness of what's involved in the background, like for example having good health or life partner, we don't appreciate the value of something until it is threatened.

The "comm" in community is short for "communication" and the PON is an exemplar of just the right format for binding this sophisticated salty community together........

...... The PON has such momentum and "local brand value" that it must continue and it's great to see that it can do so.



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    Gwyn Perkins

    Download a full version of this months calendar, ready for printing - click the calendar image to the right →


    Last Friday my husband, Rick Croft, collapsed in an untidy heap at the end of the jetty in Little Lovett Bay.   He was scooped up by Rick the ferry driver, Paul Burchill and someone else and taken over to Church Point where he was looked after by Penny (ferry owner).   I was walking to the Basin at the time with Nick & Ann Reeve, but somehow someone rang Bob Story, who had Nick's mobile number.  He, in turn, rang Nick so we set off back home again.   There I found two of our neighbours, Chris and Lisa, patiently waiting for me.  They had taken over from Penny and her husband who had brought Rick home in Curlew!

    I think this illustrates what a wonderful community we have. I should like to thank everyone who took part in the rescue (please identify yourself and I shall give you a big hug) and let you know Rick has made what appears a full recovery.   He is more determined than ever that Little Lovett Bay is the place for him.


    Scotland Island Cafe
    We at the Scotland Island Cafe would like to thank everybodys support and patronage during our trial period. We are pleased to announce that the Cafe will now be open every Sunday morning, apart from the last weekend of the month when the SIRFB opens its doors for breakfast. Our opening hours are from 9.30 to 12.oopm, and in case of bad weather you can always call 0432 893 590.

    The Cafe is a voluntary run, not for profit activity with all profits given to a nominated charity. We rely on the kind heartedness of all the volunteers, whether it be working a shift or baking a cake and we are extremely appreciative of all those have helped out so far.
    We also employ  a number of younger Pittwatarians, as we see this as a great opportunity for the kids to gain experience which will be beneficial to them in many ways, particularly when it come to seeking employment in their High School years.

    If you have children, who you think would be interested in working a 2 hr shift at the cafe, please call Lisa on 0432 893 590. The same goes if you would like to volunteer your services for a shift at the cafe, no experience required! All training provided along with a scrummy breakfast. The cafe needs you to keep it going.

    So come along for  an organic breakfast, cooked by Karl and Ishbel, using organic ingredients where possible, a great coffee made by our Barista Maddy and all served to you in the beautiful surrounds of Tennis Park by Lisa and her wonderful waiting team.!

    If you have any local produce that you would like to part with such as eggs, freshly grown herbs etc or perhaps a one of your favourite cakes or muffins that you would love to share with the Community, please call the no. above. The same goes for any books, DVD's or anything else you think appropriate .

    See you all there, don't forget a hat and bring your bathers for a swim afterwards!
    Pre-Paid Bus Tickets
    When the renovations on the Church Point Post Office have been completed, the Romeo's will be selling the pre-pay bus tickets, which will solve the problem many bus commuters and visitors have had because the early city buses are Pre-pay buses only.
    Getting Organised for Christmas - Free Workshop
    Mona Vale Library is holding a free workshop on Wednesday Nov.12 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. entitled "Getting Organised for Christmas".

    If Christmas seems to be an endless, last minute frenzy to get things sorted, bought, posted, wrapped, decorated and cooked then this workshop is for you.

    Bookings are essential - call 9970 1600
    We do not know what the summer will bring us in the way of fires but we know that fire behaviour is dominated by the weather conditions and from personal experience preparing for a possible fire threat is better done before the event.
    Do you have a fire plan ?
    Are your gutters clean ?
    Have you cleaned up the refuse around your house ?
    Is the fire fighting equipment you have functional ?

    The 1st of October was the official start to bush fire season during this period you  require a permit to light an unenclosed fire these are available from West Pittwater Rural Fire Service.
    You also need a hazard reduction certificate which is valid for one year from the date of issue
    available from Terry Hills Fire Control Ph 94503000.

    If you do not have this documentation and the procedures laid out in them are not followed then the fire is not officially sanctioned, and if the fire is reported which it often occurs, then someone from the Rural Fire Service will turn up and may tell you that you have to extinguish your fire.
    We have handouts with guide lines on how to formulate a fire plan available at the fire shed and balloons and coloured pencils
    plus other hand outs that are of value.
    Please don't hesitate to contact us,
    Roy Atkins
    Captain West Pittwater Rural Fire Service
    Ph 0414979656

    Plenty of fuel for bushfire: Residents warned
    Manly Daily

    FIREFIGHTERS are warning northern beaches residents to prepare their properties with current conditions conducive for fires to develop into life-threatening bushfires.

    The official bushfire danger period came into effect on Wednesday and peninsula firies are asking people to be careful lighting fires, after a wet winter saw strong growth in the bush.

    This has also meant many hazard reduction burns have not yet been undertaken.

    Warringah Pittwater Rural Fire Service district manager Craig Geddes has warned residents to be careful when lighting fires on their properties.

    ``As temperatures get warmer we ask people to be careful when using fire,'' Supt Geddes said. ``The current conditions across most of NSW mean that fires are more likely to develop into bushfires, threaten life, property and the environment.''

    ``We haven't had a serious fire on the northern beaches for a while now and we've had wet weather, and people can become complacent. It doesn't take much to dry things out quickly,'' Supt Geddes said.

    ``Homes in and around bushland areas and on the urban interface are at equal threat from bushfire. This highlights the need for all residents to be clear on what to do if bushfire impacts their area.''

    Persistent wet weather over the cooler months has hampered the NSW Rural Fire Service's efforts conducting hazard reduction burns across the area.

    Supt Geddes said Warringah Pittwater district had a series of hazard reductions burns planned over the next few weeks.

    ``We are far behind (with hazard reduction burning) because of the wet weather in recent months but that's consistent across the Sydney basin,'' Supt Geddes said. ``We're trying to squeeze in as many burns as we can.

    ``We are also encouraging land managers to do manual clearing. It's vital that all residents have a plan for when a fire affects their property, so everyone understands what they need to do.

    ``Most importantly, residents should decide now if a fire affects their community, whether they'll stay and defend their home or leave early. Lives are lost when people leave at the last moment.''

    For more information on bushfire safety call Warringah/Pittwater Fire Control Centre on 94503000 or visit http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

    You also need a hazard reduction certificate which is valid for one year from the date of issue
    available from Terry Hills Fire Control Ph 94503000.
    You are invited to this special 2 day exhibition of selected works, some from the artist's personal collection of over 20 years.

    Opening and Drinks Friday 7th November 5-8pm
    Exhibition Hours: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th 10-6pm

    The Balmain Watch House 179 Darling Street Balmain

    Works from 'De Peinture' Studio Balmain
    'Flying Cow Studio' Kangaroo Valley, Scotland Island
    International Print Residencies: Umbria Itlay, Cork Ireland

    Enquiries: 99999 5955
    Pittwater Council has agreed to fund weekly clearance and maintenance of our drains.

    Parts of the island do have rudimentary drainage systems including drains (which range from steel topped underground systems to roadside ditches), sediment pits, and water-bars (which actually are not speed humps but are designed to direct the water off the road surface).

    Matt Lakeman (island resident) will be clearing and maintaining areas each week, and over time, will work his way all round the island and back.

    November's priorities will be: -

    1.      The sediment basins in Catherine Park / intersection of Kevin St and the trail to the top. They are chock full of gravel that has run off the roads.

    2.      Clearance of the drains on Thompson St (above / around the intersection with Kevin St). They are overgrown and completely blocked.

    3.      The dirt road into Catherine Park (used to lead to the parking area now the climbing equipment), which has eroded badly due to lots of recent activity in the park.

    4.      The water bar at the top of the island on the Fire Trail / Kevin junction, which needs repairing and cleaning. It is significant as it affects run off all the way down the roads to the park at the bottom.

    This routine work will help to ensure that, when it rains, water runs off the majority of roads instead of eroding the surfaces. This will hopefully mean that future roads repair budgets can go towards building new infrastructures instead of continually re-patching old work.

    If you see Matt at work on your roads give him a hand, a cup of tea, or a pat on the back!

    Likewise, if you notice that the ditches / drains outside your property are blocking up please help by clearing any debris whenever you can.

    Roads & Drainage Announcement II

    Want to Help ?
    Do you care about the state of our roads?

    Are you interested in working with Council and SIRA on a 5 year plan?
    Want to join the Roads & Drainage sub committee of SIRA?
    Pittwater Council has drawn up a draft plan of management for our island roads and drainage systems.
    We need to review the documents, and interested volunteers are welcome to join the Roads & Drainage team in this task.
    First meeting is on Wednesday 5th November at 8 pm.

    Call Anne Palmer: 9999 3478 for more details and to join the working group. 

    Congratulations RAIDERS !

    The RAID rally was described by various journalists as an "overwhelming success" or a "triumph in people power".
    The fallout from the rally is still continuing and things seem to be moving fast -:

    • The Liberal Party announced that they would revoke 3a
    • Callan Park was handed back to the local Council
    • The Hilltop people got a meeting with the Minister
    • Currawong won its vote in Parliament 22 to 16
    • Enormous coverage was given to all our causes

    And there is more to come!

    Now not all of this is a direct result from the rally but we are fairly sure that such a well coordinated and well run and well timed show of people passion had a strong influence in directing the hand of Government.

    Friends of Currawong will present the dossier on the 11th of the 11th during our meeting with the Minister and, as we agreed, go in to bat for the groups contained therein and that ends our obligation.

    We are currently trying to set up a foundation that will be available to represent the unrepresented in the future. Because of the calibre of the people we are negotiating with this will take an amount of time but we feel it is needed to get it right. There's no point rushing in and getting the wrong people involved. We are negotiating with a Government funded body and some retired Politicians who still feel that they have something to give back to the community, so….

    WATCH THIS SPACE. We might have some sort of news by the end of the year…no guarantees but we will give it our best shot.

    SO ADIEU FOR NOW… We will continue our fight for the rare and precious gem that Currawong is and we will continue our efforts to set up the foundation, we will continue to offer our support and we will continue to offer our solidarity to all the fabulous people that we met during our history changing day in Hyde Park,

    With patience and persistence we will prevail,
    In Solidarity,

    Shane Withington Co convener Friends of Currawong And the RAID Committee.

    Masquerade Ball "Behind the Mask of Autism"

    Dear OffShore community,
    We are holding an evening of magic and disguise - a Masquerade Ball "Behind the Mask of Autism". There are 4 weeks left until the big event and we would love to have as many of our local community there. We have a dynamite MC team - Bianca Dye - witty and funny who is best known as a morning presenter on NOVA 96.9FM and Nils Vesk, a talented and inspirational public speaker and ex-cleo bachelor.

    We have a fantastic band - Fibro Lounge and we have amazing items for auction of all different types of values so there is something for everyone, and a lucky door prize! It is a formal evening, yes… ball gowns and masks for the girls and even a tux (and mask) for the boys (but a suit will be good also).
    DATE: Saturday the 22nd of November 2008
    LOCATION: Mona Vale Golf Course
    Golf Avenue, Mona Vale NSW
    TIME: From 7:00pm
    DRESS: Formal wear and Mask
    TICKET PRICE: $130 per person
    (group tables of 11 or 8 can be booked)
    CONTACT: Tanya Costin - tanya@intellectualdisability.org

    Tables of 8 and/or 11 can be purchased, or individual tickets. If you are with friends, let us know so we can seat you together.

    You can organise payment in one lump sum for the table - $1040 (table of 8) or $ 1430 (table of 11) or people can pay individually as below and let me know your name and details. I will send tickets out in the mail/ e-mail. $50 of your ticket price will be tax deductable and a receipt will be provided on the evening.
    1) Direct deposit payment can be made to "Life without Limits" electronically.
    Payment to : Life without Limits
    BSB : 112 879
    Account Number : 482331792
    Reference : "xxx" table or "name of person"
    2) Cheques can be made directly to "Life without Limits" and posted to c/o Tanya Costin PO Box 304 Church Point NSW 2105
    For more information on the cause you will be supporting, please see the website below. Take-away information on the Son Rise Program for curing Autism will be available on the evening. All money raised is going towards sustaining and increasing the effectiveness of Blake, Hannah and Felicity's intensive full time Son-Rise Program™ that day by day takes us closer to curing their Autism.
    Kind regards
    Tanya Costin
    0418 209 956
    WIne Tasting Sucess !

    Thank you all for turning up in remarkable numbers last weekend. Some 60 wine lovers sipped on an excellent selection this time.

    Please: Remember to put Pittwater in as the place you tasted the wines. This is to ensure we get plenty of bottles for tasting next time!

    Please also remember that orders have to be placed on or before 31st October. If you need another order form, let me know. (yes we know its the 1st today - but if you get your order in today they will accept it....)

    Wine can be delivered to your favourite Post Office or you can pick it up for free - details are on the order form

    Best Wishes

    Paul, Greg and George et al.

    Author Talk@Mona Vale Library in November

    The next two talks are -

    Maureen Cashman - 'Charlie and Me in Val-Paradis'  on Wed 5th Nov
    the story of the author and her poddle, Charlie's new life in a rural French town - Download more details here.


    Andrew Greig - 'Taming War. Culture and Technology for Peace'  on Thurs 20 Nov
    suggests some powerful strategies of how we can all play our part  - Download more details here

    Both talks commence at 6.30pm
    Bookings essential on 9970 1600. Cost $7.50, concession $5.50 (cards must be shown - Friends of Mona Vale Library/Pensioner/Student

    Catherine Buddin

    Events & Promotions Librarian
    Mona Vale Library
    Park St
    Mona Vale  NSW 2103
    tel 9970 1600 or 9970 1605  fax 9979 1465
    Pittwater High School's Solar Panel Project
    Fund Raising Lunch

    You are invited to support
    Pittwater High School's Solar Panel Project
    by attending a fundraising lunch

    Hosted by
    Pittwater Business Limited
    Rob Stokes MP, Member for Pittwater
    Pittwater High School

    With Special Guest Speaker
    The Hon. Justice Brian Preston
    Chief Judge of the Land & Environment Court of NSW

    Date: Friday 21st November 2008
    Time: 12.30pm
    Where: Royal Motor Yacht Club, Newport
    Price: $90 p/p  - includes 3 course meal &table wine. (cash bar available)
    RSVP by 13th November - Enquiries please phone Jill Dubois on 9999 3599.

    You can download the RSPV PDF form here


    Come and try something different at
    Michèle and Nathalie's Kitchen
    See how easy and economical it is to dish up a

    French, Moroccan or Mediterranean meal

    Wonderful dishes, including vegetarian and seafood, that your budget can handle

    Wednesdays and Thursdays fortnightly

    Mixed classes and men only classes

    For more information please email us at


    or ring Nathalie on 9999 4449

    Michèle  on   0418 533 701
    For Sale 
    If you have something for sale that you think locals would like - let us know and we will put a SINGLE line entry in the PON at the beginning of each month...

    • Dual seat canoe - in excellent, hardly used condition - asking $750 - +61403442764


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