Congresswoman Rosa De Lauro, sponsor of HR 875 looks over a "No Monsanto" symbol as opposition to her so called "Food Safety" bill and all other bogus "Food Safety Bills" Mounts- There will be riots in the streets if we fail to kill or amend these bills....... but now its EASY to oppose them with one mouse click! Please TAKE ACTION & Mass Forward this Alert!!
IAHF List: Please go here  to kill or amend a slew of so called "Food Safety Bills" that threaten to destroy small farmers and even attack backyard gardeners.  From this site that I just created, along with sending your comments to your Congressman and Senators, you can also send your concerns to your local newspapers.
HR 875 could also be used to attack dietary supplements by not moving them along with CFSAN (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition) over to the new Food Safety Agency that this bill would create inside the Department of Health and Human Services. If this did happen, FDA would have a much easier time attacking dietary supplements and trying to regulate them as "drugs" which they're NOT!!! We must insist language be written into HR 875 specifically forbidding dietary supplements from staying at FDA if food in common for is shifted over to this new Food Safety Agency.
Today I had a conference call about so called "Food Safety Bills" HR 759, HR 814, HR 815,HR 875, HR 1332,S.425
One of the people on the call was Deborah Stockton, Exec Dir of NICFA (National Independent Consumer and Farmers Association)  I first learned of her opposition to the so called "Food Safety Bills" via the superb job she did on the Glen Beck show recently against HR 875:
Deborah shared the following letter with me from Congresswoman Pingree of Maine. (The letter had been written to one of Pingree's constitutents who is a good friend of Deborah's).
I was very encouraged to see that Pingree has removed herself as a cosponsor of HR 875, DeLauro's bad billl. If we work hard enough, we can get more cosponsors to remove their names from these bills and we can succeed in killing or amending them!

Dear John,

Thank you for contacting me about H.R. 875, the Food Safety 
Modernization Act.  I appreciate your thoughtful feedback on this 
very important issue.
As you may know, I have been a staunch supporter of organic farming 
and the local food movement for a long time.  As someone who once 
owned my own small organic farm on North Haven, I truly understand 
your concerns with this piece of legislation.  I want you to know 
that I am working hard to make sure small and organic farmers are 
safe under any new food safety laws.

 Any food safety bill that moves through Congress this year must 
take organic and small farmers' concerns into account.  This is why I 
have decided to remove myself as a co-sponsor of H.R. 875.  Several 
bills have been introduced in the 111th Congress aimed at addressing 
food safety in the wake of the recent peanut salmonella outbreak.  
Although I am an advocate for food safety, these bills that affect 
small and organic farmers could have unintended consequences.

 I have carefully reviewed your suggestions, and have started 
looking into ways to proactively protect the Maine farming 
community.  To this end, I have been working closely with Russell 
Libby, a good friend and Executive Director of the Maine Organic 
Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA).  We have been talking 
about ways to ensure that our foods are safe, while also making sure 
that the local farming movement can continue to grow.

Russell has put together information on the several food safety bills 
that have been introduced in the 111th Congress.  If you would like 
additional information about these or other bills, please visit 
MOFGA's website:
  I also thought you would be interested to read a 
related Bangor Daily News article on the current food safety debate: 

I appreciate your continued comments as we work towards better food 
safety.  Thank you for taking the time to engage in the legislative 
process and inform me of your thoughts on this extremely important 
issue.  Please know that I am on your side and that I will only vote 
for a bill that protects the small, organic farms of Maine - and I 
truly look forward to working with you.

Thanks again for being in touch, and I look forward to hearing from 
you soon.

Chellie Pingree
Member of Congress
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John Hammell, President, IAHF