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IAHF List: I'm going on the air this morning at 9 am Pacific with Dr. True Ott! (Show will be archived and I'll send out the audio file for those who miss it.)
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the FIRST STEP!   I've found a way to monkeywrench the New World Order's population control plans, and you can all HELP me do it, and it won't be that hard! Go here to this page on FDA's website... 
Notice that you get a "page not found" message? FDA used to have the flags of Canada, US, and Mexico side by side as they brazenly stuck their plans to destroy our access to dietary supplements via the Trilateral Cooperation Charter right in our faces!
Thats the criminal FDA trying to cover their tracks  on the Trilateral Cooperation Charter issue due to OUR probe which I initiated five years ago but we are NOT giving up!
When they created this page in 2005, the US had just signed a (so called) "Security and Prosperity Partnership" agreement with Canada and Mexico to create a "common security perimeter" to ostensibly "protect us from TERRORISTS" This attack on the sovereignty of Canada, the US and Mexico is a naked attempt to force us into a carbon copy of the EU Collectivist Dictatorship and we are going to use this FDA TCC issue as the tip of our spear to oppose this evil effort to cull our numbers.... with your help IAHF will make this issue known to every dietary supplement consumer in North American and Around the World!
Well well all know who the REAL TERRORISTS ARE...... ITS THE US FDA led by  
Dr. Margaret Hamburg who has been solidly exposed as the daughter of the former President of the American Eugenics Society!
This is also why I'm bringing this urgent message to the Weston Price Conference in Dallas TX November 10-14th where I'm striving to get the ear of Dr.Joseph Mercola who will be the keynote speaker! Mercola has a huge health website that reaches an incredible number of people. I BADLY need more donations for airfare and hotel for this purpose, and ANY amount HELPS, even just $10!! Please donate more if you can! 
Once we get Mercola's ear, he'll help us snowball this issue so it will really SPROUT LEGS! With your help we can call this to the attention of Dr.Whitaker, Dr.Wright, Dr.Sears, Dr.Campbell-Douglass and a slew of other alternative doctors who have huge subscriber bases for their newsletters--- once this issue reaches critical mass it will take on a life of its own, it will SNOWBALL FASTER AND FASTER as WORD SPREADS LIKE WILDFIRE!!
If you have connections that can help me get the ear of any radio show hosts who can put me on the air, or anyone who can help to rapidly spread our message, please email me at jham@iahf.com or call me at 800-333-2553!

 Don't you think its interesting that FDA removed this entire section of their website dealing with their criminal, genocidal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico ON THE SAME DAY they sent me all their internal documents via the US mail that I forced them to give me via the Freedom of Information Act?(I archived what they sought to hide, anticipating that they might try this, but the real story is found in their internal paperwork, which they've heavily redacted by crossing  lots out with a black magic marker before sending it to me.
So far there are only 25,766 signatures on this petition calling for Congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, but with your help we're going to get this number to zoom up to OVER A MILLION, and we're going to do that RAPIDLY! I need all of you to forward this and to urge everyone you know to read my other recent alerts on this issue!
All of us together are going to turn the FDA TCC issue into a household discussion thats going to DESTROY the plans of the ruling elite to weaken our immune systems so they can make us sick, keep us sick, and control us. As rioters rip Greece apart, Soros is trying to instigate similar civil unrest in America via the "Occupy Wallstreet" demonstrations. Remember, he is a member of the Bilderberg Group and CFR, the scum who seek to destroy America and to force us into the planned North American Union Dictatorship.
All of us together are going to shine the bright light of TRUTH on these plans in order to catalyze the sleeping giant much as we succeeded in doing in the early 90s when we swarmed all over the criminal FDA like a biblical plague of locusts inundating them and congress with our fervent insistence that no human being has the right to tell us what we can, or cannot ingest into our God given bodies!
My brother Rob taught me to see the whole chess board when I was a young kid. He was a nationally ranked player with the National Chess Federation and after destroying me in a game, he'd have me set the board back up, he's put on a blindfold, and he'd replay the entire game from memory, showing me what I did, and where I went wrong. He taught me the power of a fianchettoed bishop, how to use forks, and how to constantly attack the 4 squares in the direct center of the board because THAT, he said, was THE KEY to destroying your opponent!
Well today, I'm going to DESTROY Big Pharma and the FDA with information I've never revealed before that will be very damaging to them!
To understand the "TCC" issue, and to successfully oppose it, it is necessary to connect the dots on the following things:
1. UN Agenda 21, a 40 Chapter Blueprint driving Population Control is driving collectivist attack on private property rights globally intended to drive people off the land, and force people into cities where we can be more easily controlled. Although a growing bipartisan movement in the USA has sprung up to oppose this agenda, our efforts to thwart it are threatened by the Bilderberg/CFR/Soros instigated "Occupy Wallstreet" movement which threatens to trigger martial law that would destroy whats left of America and force us into the elite's planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship.
2. At the "Occupy Oakland" demonstration, violent agitators just circulated THIS PAMPHLET condemning pacifist demonstrators, and urging violent clashes with police in order to "smash capitalism". As the economy continues to worsen, we can expect the Bilderberg/ CFR/ Soros orchestrated scam called the "Occupy Wallstreet" movement to grow increasingly violent, and its outrageous, but hardly suprising that Obama is officially endorsing class warfare by endorsing this Marxist movement.
3. When IAHF forced the FDA to cough up their internal documents on the TCC 5 years ago, they were very nervous and in a damage control mode when I got their top officials on two conference calls. They knew who I was because Dr.Yetley of FDA had gotten me kicked off the US Codex Delegation due to my efforts to put her under a congressional microscope after nailing her on videotape violating US law at Codex meetings in Germany in an effort to set us up for harmonization to a very restrictive emerging international standard.
When FDA did finally start coughing up documents on the TCC, it didn't surprise me that they were heavily redacted (lots was crossed out using black magic marker). It also didn't surprise me that the moment they put these documents in the mail to me (due to my threat of a lawsuit if they didn't) they tried to cover their tracks by removing the main section of their website dealing with the TCC which used to be located HERE 
Friends, I realize many of you feel helpless and hopeless reading this. Please don't!! I will never forget feeling that way in the summer of 1989 when I first learned of the stealth bill called the Nutrition Labelling and Education Act which threatened to destroy our access to dietary supplements back then!
I learned of this bill during the month of August, the hardest possible time of year to rally the public, yet I did what I could to sound an alarm. I made a list of every health food store within a 50 mile radius of my house, got directions to them all, and went to hundreds of stores to educate the store owners, managers and employees.
I sat in front of these stores and handed out flyers. I built an army of volunteers and in time I was putting massive pressure on Congress! I helped build the movement that was to go on to pass DSHEA in '94, and right now, with your help I will successfully DEFEND what I helped pass!
Never forget who gave us the herbs and vitamins.... they were gifts to us from an all knowing, all seeing Creator and no man, or government, has the right to take them away. You folks on the IAHF list come from more than 40 nations, from all walks of life, yet we have a common bond, and a common mission- to get the genocidal tyrants to back off, and in this we will NOT FAIL!
I have a genetic need for the supplements I take. I've been up since 6 am generating this alert, having breakfast, preparing for the radio show I'm about to do at 9 am Pacific time. With your help, I will make it to Dallas next week to the Weston Price Conference, but I badly need more donations.... can you spare $10, $25, $50, $100, $200, $500 to help IAHF stay in motion?
Can you help me get on more radio shows, or do you have any contacts with vitamin company ceos, health food store owners, magazine publishers, alternative doctors with big subscription bases for newsletters, or any other influential people who can help spread this urgent alert?
With your help we WILL get the attention of Mercola, Wright, Whitaker, Sears, Campbell Douglass and lots of others who can help snowball this message! We CAN monkeywrench the NWO's population control/ societay control plans!
Donations can be sent via paypal or mailed to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA and every cent helps, we're under attack, but we're going to come from behind and turn this around!!