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28th July 2008

Stitchin’, Bitchin’ and Going for Knitting Gold

Join the Ravelympics... Shake Your Pom Poms... Knitler... Vote for Us

Pining for a proper summer greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, knitting yourself something sweet to keep your spirits up in another Londony only-summer-on-certain-days, and raring to get your claws into more knitted news.

Looming on the knitting horizon are a bit of Pom Pom International, and the Let’s Knit Awards (Vote for yarny stuff you love! Vote for us too if you like).

We’d also love for you to join Team S&B London in Ravelry’s Ravelympics
. Go on. One knit. 17 days. Do it for your fellow S&B Londoners. Woo! *shakes poms poms*

Our last couple of meetings have been the usual knitarama of newbies, puzzled passers by (you’d have think they’d have the hang of it by now), and an assortment of cake.

The National Theatre always gives our knitting that cultural flavour (even for those of us knitting loo roll covers), and Leon, as usual, made us feel good about eating (hooray for organic but tasty) while stitching in the summer breeze.

Stitch and Moose, Mounties, and Maple Syrup 

Details of the next meeting:

Join us TONIGHT at a new venue as we embark on a Canadian adventure at the Maple Leaf.  It will be the ideal time to start knitting that ice hockey stick cover you’ve been meaning to do for ages.

From 6pm
Venue: The Maple Leaf
41 Maiden Lane
Covent Garden

Map Nearest Tube: Covent Garden

Stitch and New Venues Ahoy!

Details of the meeting after that:

When we Stitchettes were checking out new venues we described this pub in our notes as “the one with cosy sofas, cocktails, and the hot barman”. 
Need we say any more?

From 6pm
Venue: The Corner Store
33 Wellington Street
Covent Garden

Map Nearest Tube: Covent Garden

Stitch and A-meze-ing Treats

Details of the meeting after that:

From 6pm
Venue: EV Delicatessen
The Arches
97-99 Isabella Street

Map Website Nearest Tube: Southwark

Stitch and Vote in Woolly Style

We’ve all got our favourites when it comes to nice yarn, useful sites and helpful knitting shops. So, have you ever thought of nominating your favourite yarn brand, knitting blog, or knitting group for a well deserved award?

Let’s Knit magazine, in association with Twisted Thread, are giving you the chance to do just that. They want to know who you think deserves some recognition. Not only do they want to know what you think is ‘hot or not’ in the knitting world, but they are also offering some awesome prizes in exchange for your views (including a luxury spa break for two!).

We all know that a lot of stitching folk work very hard in their spare time, for little or no money, just for the love of the knit. Whether it be writing cool patterns, organising knitting events, or ordering in that favourite yarn especially for you (as you simply cannot find it anywhere else).

And maybe if you would like to show some appreciation to the Stitchettes and our hard work that has gone into projects, such as the Lion Scarf, the Breast Cancer Care Blanket, and the London Knit Crawl, then please feel free to cast your vote in the Knit Community Prize section under ‘Your Choice’ or the Events sections.

Remember, there are runners up prizes of hundreds of pounds worth of yarn to be won! That’s right, FREE yarn!

Stitch and On Your Marks… Get Set… KNIT!

Join Team S&B London! The Olympics is nearly upon us and although that probably doesn’t mean a lot to many of us, except maybe for watching hot men jump off diving boards, or small bendy girls going scary things in the Gymnastics, we can now compete in our own knitty way.

Our online best friend,, is hosting the first ever Ravelympics 2008. This rather exciting event should not be confused with the Knitting Olympics, but is instead more of a personal challenge to show the yarny stuff you’re made of.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to start and finish a project during the 2008 Olympic Summer Games. That’s 17 days to finish one project of your choosing! There are no prizes, except for a medal for your blog, and the pride you feel when you see how much you accomplished in just 17 days.

SIGN UP HERE: Post #1 Reply to post with name, event, team (which is Team Stitch and Bitch London). Then give us a shout on our Team thread or our message board.

If you are not on Ravelry (we feel for you. It is a tragedy) then you can see an events list here on our blog. So just pick an event, email us to let us know you are taking part, and email us a pic of your finished item when you cross the finish line.

We’ll also put all the glorious Team S&B London finished knits on our blog for the world to see. Hurrah!

There are tons of different events to compete in, and if your project spills into more than one you enter for those too. Events include Baby Dressage, Itsy Bitsy Bikini Breaststroke, Laceweight Long Jump, Sock Put, Sweater Sprint, Amigurumi Toss (hee hee), and WIPs Wrestling for those of you who want to try to finish as many Works In Progress in the 17 days as possible.

Sign up, and join your fellow team members Purl Princess, Serife, Mullet Monitor, Emmie B, Eleanor22, Startitis and Deadly Knitshade. We will be keeping you up to date on their progress, and hope to see you at the finish line casting off something fabulous.

Stitch and Swastika?

Knitting gets controversial again this week as The Sun puts stitching on page 6 (21st June 2008). Rachael Matthews of Bethnal Green’s fabulous Prick Your Finger has created a book of patterns for knitted dictators. You can see the article in all it’s glory here on our blog.

S&B are big fans of PYF’s delightfully in your face with pointy sticks knitting, after the SnB UK Blanket Square they made us last year.

You can gaze in wonder at the ‘heated debate’ that the article started on the Sun’s lovely *cough* website here (if you have nothing better to do with your day).

Prick Your Finger also invite you to bring your friends and conflicts to a party with Amy Lame’s Pom Pom International at Prick Your Finger on Friday 1st August from 7pm. There will be DJs, fluff, tipples, and a pom pom installation by Shane Waltner. So you can ask her all about her knitted dictators over something fluffy.

That is just about all the news we can wrestle from the flying ants that appear to have taken over most of London this week. We hope to see you all make it along to a meeting or two or three or seven. As usual we welcome newbies, so don’t be afraid to join us. See you in the Ravelympic knitting stadium.

Keep your yarn tightly wound, London.

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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S&B London promise not to share your email address with anyone, not even if they ask us nicely and offer us sweet, sweet cake or cashmere. S&B London is a non- profit group and we do all this for no payment in our spare time, so please be patient if we make mistakes.