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A Visual Guide to Dryer Vent Proctology
  February 2013
Presents another award-winning issue of...
"Up Proctoscope, Lieutenant!"
Just when you thought it was safe to run your dryer after reading the January issue of Appliantology, along comes this sick little tome going into glorious and humiliating detail on dryer vent proctology.  What's it all mean, Seymour?  Place one hand on your posterior, another on the back of your head, slam 'em together and let's Lock the Taskbar!
A Visual Recap...
Dryer venting do's and don'ts...
Get the picture?  Okay, moving' on...
Dryer Vent Proctology
In this journey into appliance repair enlightenment, Samurai Appliance Repair Man shows you how to use an airflow meter to analytically test the back pressure on a dryer vent for safety and efficiency. Looks can be deceiving, as this video shows, and even a short simple dryer vent that appears to be ideal can have airflow problems. So it's always wise to use a meter to actually measure the back pressure.  
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Becoming an Apprentice at the Appliantology Academy was always about commitment.  Back when anyone could post a question, we found that lots of people were simply cut n' pasting the same question to multiple forums and then sitting back and waiting for the answers.  They never let us know how things turned out because they had no committment to the Academy-- they got their answer and they were done, la de frikkin' dah.  Well, that makes for a crappy forum because you end up with a bunch of topics with no happy (or even sad) ending.  So we started charging a minimal fee of just 10 measly beans just as a way of getting people to commit.  
But we know times are tough and cash is tight.  That's why we now offer a way for you to earn an Apprenticeship, with all the rights and privileges of the Basic Apprenticeship package, without having to pay one formerly-copper penny.  Check it out, yo!    

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