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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
April 11, 2010
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Car Park Security continued..

Last weeks notice regarding the vandalism at the Car Park and lack of security has elicited quite a few responses and opened up some interesting options that we might like to consider.

I will open up the PON to this conversation and copy all responses to this specific thread unless specifically requested not to. I will publish this thread regularly, however it will depend on the number of comments and suggestions that come through.


Alan Yuille
I would be willing to pay approximately 400 dollars a year for a patrolman at Church Point.  I believe that professionals were patrolling the carpark in the past, before we moved in, 23 years ago.

I wonder if W.P.C.A.  and SIRA  could negotiate with council to have it organized via Council, so paid by and impost on rates which would give some tax advantage to people running businesses from home, to land lords, and others, could increase community support?

John Thixton
I would certainly be prepared to pay $32 per month

Hubert van Mierlo
Perhaps a cheaper option is for CCTV coverage to be installed. The current systems on the market can be installed for around 100K and it would pay itself back in a couple of years if you take into the consideration the costs for manned patrols.

Chuck Bradley photographer
Great idea, but at that cost is it not worth while to consider a CCTV system for the car park?
I would think council may even think this worth while.

... I think it may also benefit the Romeo's as well to have the additional security in the area.  Dare I say they may want to contribute?

Sally & Ron Wandless
We would be more than happy to pay $32 a week to have the car park monitored.

Toby Maple
As a new resident to the island (last 6mths, and loving it!) we have already had our front numberplate torn off. Although not the same as this poor red car, just as annoying.

I think you’d be hard pushed to get the residents to pay when you can’t guarantee them a spot each night. I wouldn’t pay for something I can’t always use.

What about a big fence (barbed wire and all) with electronic gated entry – resident in, paying customer in, CCTV on the entry/exit’s monitored 24/7 by a security firm. I’m sure the Church Point mainlanders would love that!

The CCTV is not such a bad idea though – 1 road in and out (McCarrs Creek). There are only really 3 exit points to the carpark on foot (unless you swim) and 2 vehicular. CCTV signs can be just as much of a deterrent as the camera itself.

... was this issue included in council’s proposal for the carpark – what was their stance?

Phillippa Thomas
Years ago we had all this trouble on a much grander scale in the car park and we all put in for a security guard service and it seemed to work o.k.

Cars were left standing on blocks, cars were stolen and taken up to west head road or somewhere and often torched.  I was lucky and got my car back a week later.  It was filled with belongings from three other residents who had their cars stolen and torched but they managed to remove the compliance plate and another time I had over $1000 worth of paints stolen along with a good camera.  The reason that they were left in the car was because it was pouring rain when I got back to the car park after picking up my paints.  Also had a lot of xmas presents taken at the same time.Two years later I received a phone call from a mother out in the Western Suburbs who had a daughter who was a bit of a problem and had just moved out of her home.  My camera was returned to me as I had engraved my name and number of the camera.  I asked her about an antique Chinese vase that was a xmas gift from my mother to one of my boys and the lady checked and sure enough I also got the vase back.  I guess that I was one of the lucky ones.
Over the years, nothing much has changed.

Sally and Jason Moodie 
Great Idea - We are willing to contribute financially to this proposal.
Shigeo and Keiko Saito 
Shige and myself are very upset and very sorry to the car owners those had such a terribly hard time!!
You may be sick of hearing, but please let us tell you our story.
In past, our car was damaged many times by someone who decided to open the door lock.
(Nothing kept inside the car, so we think someone did it just for their fun)
And not only the car.
We got a phone call from Dee Why Police early Monday Morning, reported that our son’s (Yuta) Motor bike was found crushed against road sign at the Kurringhai National Park.
 (I was very sad because that incident, also police doubted Yuta-crashed and abandon.)
And my push bike with new bascketware was stolen. And as you know, our boats…
How many more do we have to pay for that…????
Shige and myself are not clever enough to sort out by only ourselves, but maybe could do something if community unite ….

Fabienne d'Hautefeuille  
I can see the benefit of paying for a patrol, however it would be nice to extend the patrol area a outsie of the car park since many commuters park their car along the surrounding roads due to lack of parking space in the car park.
A cheaper options could be to try in the first time to have a secuity patrol visiting a few times through the night the parking area at random hours, it may be enough to dissuade vandalism, if this does not work your idea of a full time night watch would be the next step.                  

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