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eFlightPlan - November 2013
Vol 1 Issue 8 November 2013

Welcome to eFlightPlan!

eFlightPlan is a free monthly newsletter designed to supplement our other pilot travel resources, including our bimonthly Pilot Getaways Magazine—now available in print and digital formats, and on iPad.

eFlightPlan brings you snippets and snapshots from our various information platforms, including links to our full Flying Tips articles from Pilot Getaways Magazine.

We've always helped you have fun with your airplane at a plethora of pilot-friendly destinations, from unmarked backcountry strips to exclusive fly-in resorts! Pilot Getaways now offers multiple avenues to access this unparalleled travel resource for pilots and their flying companions—be they family, friends, or our non-human pals.

We will continue to expand with new options; stay posted for new product releases and community offers! Also, check out previous issues of eFlightPlan in our archives, and keep up with our latest happenings on Facebook, Twitter, or go to our ever-evolving website, www.pilotgetaways.com.

The holidays are coming up soon, so why not start planning an unforgettable flying vacation? The Nov/Dec 2013 issue of Pilot Getaways Magazine features adventures across the country!

Carlsbad, Calif. — Lege godt means "play well" in Danish, a phrase that was translated to LEGO, the name of the ubiquitous colorful building bricks that are one of the most successful children's toys ever created. With its mild year-round weather, Carlsbad, Calif., has many fun ways for adults and children to play well, starting with a trip to Legoland, Carlsbad's beautiful and imaginative amusement park.

Carlsbad, CA

Technical Editor Crista V. Worthy takes you on a tour of this colorful park, which is specially decorated each year for the holidays.


Fifty tons of real snow ensures a winter wonderland, and a 30-foot LEGO Christmas tree is lit each night by a lucky child. The park boasts over 60 rides as well as Miniland, where you can walk through cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., all re-created in over 24 million LEGO bricks. The newly opened Legoland Hotel keeps the fun going with themed rooms, restaurants, and more LEGO activities.

Carlsbad is also home to seven miles of wide sandy beaches. Build a sandcastle, go surfing, or just enjoy the sunset. Several nearby lagoons provide ample nature trails and excellent habitat for many bird species. You can also rent kayaks, jet skis, and other watercraft.

But the area offers so much more: play golf or tennis at the world-class La Costa Spa, or indulge in numerous spa services there or at the Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa, the town’s original star attraction. A unique music museum and wildly colorful flower fields offer more reasons to visit.

And whether you go for regional cuisine, a fresh fish market, or German-style meat delicacies, you'll eat well in Carlsbad too.

Read the whole article in the Nov/Dec issue issue of Pilot Getaways Magazine!

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Carrying Concealed Weapons: Complying with the Law
by Patricia Strutz

A few years back, I received a permit to carry concealed weapons (CCW). I had questions about how CCW impacts private pilots, so I contacted aviation attorneys, AOPA, FAA, TSA, and airport security directors. Time and again I hit the wall. I was relayed information that related solely to commercial flights. I heard, "I haven't researched that information," and, "Many private pilots carry concealed weapons. Just don't tell anyone and it isn't a problem."

Enter attorney Ms. Alexandria Chris Kinkaid. Her firm, 3G Law, helps people plan for and protect their estates, assets, businesses, and firearms, 866-505-2773, www.3glaw.com. She has developed the unique niche practice of firearms law, due to her own love of firearms and her background as a criminal law prosecutor. Kinkaid explains, "I am well-versed in gun laws. They are complex and must be deciphered under federal, state, and local laws, so I'm not surprised you're having trouble getting the answers you seek. The easy answer on CCW is that they are subject to state laws"...

(read the full article)

Portable High-Capacity Battery Pack

Until Nov. 30, Aircraft Spruce is selling the SunSocket EnergyBar 250 for $299, a $200 reduction from the regular price of $499. At less than eight pounds, the device is the most lightweight high-capacity battery pack available. Safe for aircraft, the device utilizes Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, which is stable and non-hazardous (unlike other lithium-ions).

It can provide up to 30 hours of power for many USB devices, and up to six hours of power for larger electronic equipment like thermal coolers or even laptops. The EnergyBar 250 can be charged from a wall socket, car lighter socket, or from Aspect Solar's SunSocket Solar Generator or EP-55 Solar Panels (not included).

The unit will power four mobile devices at full speed with four USB 2.0A ports, power small fans for aircraft circulation during taxiing and takeoff, provide power to passengers in the back seat, provide a power supply when in remote locations, and is convenient for pilots camping out, 951-372-9555 or 877-477-7823, www.AircraftSpruce.com.

Aspect Solar


Since Pilot Getaways started publication in 1998, many subscribers have written to us about trips they have taken after reading about particular destinations featured in the magazine. We're featuring a reader-written getaway in each issue of eFlightPlan. Check out all of the Reader Getaways in our blog!

2300 Miles

I started flying when I was 17 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, also known as COE, in pilot speak. Other than my cross country flights during training in a C172, I had never been able to make what I considered to be a true cross country: more than 500 miles. The biggest reason for this was the fact that renting an airplane for that amount of time simply to fly somewhere far away, is an expensive proposition for a college kid. Last year I started working part time for an aircraft company designing PMA aircraft components near the college where I attend. One of the perks, I was told upon being hired, was that all employees had access to the company plane, a Piper Cherokee 180, and all we had to pay for was fuel. This was my chance.

Wilma, Nalena, & the PA12

I waited until classes were over for the summer then I started planning. There were several good friends of mine who lived in Topeka, Kansas, I had not seen them in several years so that provided me a good excuse and Kansas would make for a nice long cross country. I decided that the best plan would be to stay as close to the interstates for as much of the flight as possible. The Cherokee holds 50 gallons but even with that I planned for conservative fuel stops. More frequent stops would also help to keep me from getting fatigued...

(Read more)

- Frank Roman, Coeur d'Alene, ID

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