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18th July 2007 Stitchin', Bitchin' and Spell Binding

Wand Waving Greetings


It’s that time of year again where fully grown adults and small children alike get very excited over a young wizard and start reading cumbersome novels on the Tube. We of the knitting world, of course, feel very close to the world of Hogwarts; I mean we all carry no less than two wands about with us at all times (needles) and use them to conjure magical items seemingly from thin air (or balls of yarn). This newsletter aims to bring you wonders of the stitch world that will rival the best Defence Against The Dark Arts class Hogwarts has ever seen. N.B. If you do not like Harry Potter, this isn’t your lucky newsletter.

Since the last newsletter, our meetings have seen us brave the rain to sit under the wide umbrellas of Kingsley Court, where more than a few of us ventured up to see Buzz at All The Fun Of The Fair and purchase some fabulous titbits. Our club-knitting debut at The Embassy Bar was met with open arms and strangely turned into a bit of a couples’ night. We were also found in the deep caverns of the Old Star Pub, where trying-hard-to-be-funny barmen attempted to confuse lost knitters and a knitted wig was finished to the amusement of all.

We’ve had our fair share of newbies come and join us over the past few weeks, so we just want to say a big hello to all, thank you for coming and hope you can make it back for anther session of stitchin’ and bitchin’ soon.

On to the meetings:

Stitch and Waiting For The Interval Clearout

Details of the next meeting:

Come join us on the South Bank for a cuppa, glass of wine and an unwinding ball of stress as you knit your troubles away. Pull up a chair, share your woes and projects with us and enjoy the reassuring hustle and bustle of London’s culture vultures.

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall - Level 2 Terrace Bar
Address: Queen Elizabeth Hall
Belvedere Road
South Bank

Tel: 020 7921 0758


Nearest tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and Traditional Pub Grub

Details of the meeting after:

Back to our most beloved pub to enjoy a traditional sausage and mash, fish and chips or just a beer, while you knit. Roll out the barrel with us in our cosy corner as we whip the punters into a knitting frenzy.

Time: From 6pm
Venue: The Silver Cross (up the back on the left)
Address: 33 Whitehall 

Tel: 020 7930 8350



Nearest tube: Charing Cross, Embankment, Westminster
Stitch and the Coffee Shakes

Details of the meeting after that:

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Waterstones Piccadilly Costa Coffee Cafe (in the basement)
203-206 Piccadilly

Tel: 0207 734 4870


Nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus

Stitch and Charmed Knits

With the film released this weekend and the book due on SATURDAY 21ST JULY you would be hard pressed to not be living, breathing and eating Harry Potter right now. However, there seems to be something missing in that equation, but fear not, now you can knit Harry Potter. Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel combines projects for new and experienced knitters as well as young and old wearers. Try a simple scarf in your favourite house colours, an original Mrs Weasley ‘H’ insignia jumper or even a wand holder for the most diehard of fans. This book is great for getting wizard-mad kids into knitting or simply to satisfy your grown up addiction to the series. So get those wands warmed up for some seriously enchanted stitching.

Stitch and Spellbinding

If you fancy conjuring up an insignia jumper for one of your favourite little wizards or witches but don’t want to have to buy a whole book, which might make you look like some kind of Hogwarts geek, you can purchase Harry Potter packs from Yarn Warehouse . Just pick a colour and size and the pattern and yarn will whisk its way (possibly via owl) right to your door.

For something a little more manageable, why not knit up a Bookscarf to mark your page in that leather-bound potions book? Make them in Gryffindor House colours for a loved one, or Slytherin for those you think have a dodgy look about them.

Try a Golden Snitch washcloth to clean yourself up after Quidditch practice. This cute pattern is great for moving on from ‘knit one row, purl one row’ patterns and looks impressive as a gift.

Alternatively you can freestyle your knitting powers as was demonstrated at S&BL’s Secret Santa last Christmas. One of our favourite Harry Potter fanatics, Clare, was given an am
azing Gryffindor hot water bottle cover, much to her delight (as you can see to the right). Time to get the creative jinxes flowing and knit up a magical treat.

If you’re just not sure what we’re on about check out the plethora of knitted goodies from the films and we’re sure you’ll be hooked on their spellbinding stitchery.


I believe we have all had our fill of the boy wizard for one newsletter. We hope that those of you who love the books can now combine your love with newfound projects and inspiration. For those of you that hate everything Harry Potter, we hope you don’t wish a thousand hexes on us (although we have a pretty good knitted Patronus going on to combat that).

Till next week knitters; keep stitchin’.

Stitch and Bítch London      

18th July Meeting

21st July - Final Harry Potter Novel in bookshops

25thh July Next Meeting

2nd August Meeting after that



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