Laser Training Center
Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
October 2014

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  • Quick snap. Outhaul pulley attachment.
  • Our secret formula to getting better.
  • January, February, March, April.
  • All flights coming into Cabarete.

Frugal sailor, not a good combination.

by Ari Barshi.

Upwind speed in stronger winds has to do with constant boat heel, torqueing, sheeting in and out in timing with the waves, and of course sail trim. To achieve full control over the entire upwind leg physical fitness is a must.

We see very committed sailors, who spend hours, days and months in the gym, on the water, traveling to races, watching videos of themselves and others sailing.  Yet these sailors are slow upwind only because they underestimate what a difference a new  $10.00   4 mm main-vang line will offer.

A super tight Vang is a must in stronger winds.
Picture 1:  In orange, maximum vang setting for strong wind of a sailor who was practicing here recently, and was sure that this is as tight as vang can be sheeted in.
Picture 2: Shows the same Vang with a new main line, and the difference between the older max setting to the new one in purple.
Picture 3: A close-up of the older line reveals obvious wear and tear that leads to ineffective Vang tension.  For comparison look at the new-lower line.

We are used to see runners in practice with a tether holding them back to prevent them from moving forward. The logic is that once they are relieved from this extra weight, they will run forward much faster. The motion of the runner is exactly the same with or without the tether. But older lines are not like extra weight. What value does a practice have, if one does not imitate exact racing conditions?

An older main-sheet does not allow the boom to come in and out fast enough when S-carving downwind leading to slower maneuvers and loss of surfing down a wave.  One needs a new main sheet to practice well.

Comments: 1. The online dictionary uses Frugal in a sentence: "I'm a bit too frugal to splurge on designer clothes." Investing the money on a new and correct set of lines is not splurging, it is a necessity that will make you a better sailor. This is true also for Master sailors who sometimes sail only a few times a month.

2. Do not assume that if a line is new it is perfect. Make sure you sail with the new line at least twice before taking it out for a race. In the recent Masters Worlds in Hyeres I spoke with two sailors who broke new lines.  One was a mainsheet the other a downhaul (Cunningham).

Rigging Shortcut.

Pulley at the 'boom outhaul clam cleat'.
Tired of spending time  tying the outhaul pulley, never really having it in the same place or the same distance from the Clam Cleat each time you rig?
Here is a system that was inspired by World Champion and Elite coach Al Clark from Canada.
1. Pass a 3mm line through the pulley and and tie the ends. This is the only knot that you will make.
2. Hold the knot wherever you want the pulley  to be on the boom. Loop the line around the boom, pass the pulley through the loop, and voila... it's done!
3. Having the pulley on the side of the clam cleat and not on top, prevents outhaul interference with the foot of the sail while tacking in light winds.

Our secret formula.
 Many sailors who come to train with us expect to receive a magic formula that will turn their mid-fleet finish to a top 10 finish. We follow the PPP formula given to us by rockstar sailor Mark Mendelblat from the USA.  PPP stands for Practice, Practice, Practice.
Therefore our programs this year are more about on the water drills and personal attention.
Imitating on the water practice as much as possible to real time racing conditions, by setting up courses inside the bay to create intense mark rounding conditions, finding the layline, and of course boat control on the startline. Out in the ocean we will work more on upwind and downwind speed.
Cabarete, offers the non sailors traveling with you plenty of things to do. To get a feel for the place checkout the Eco-Tours offered by Iguana Mama.

January, February, March, April, in Cabarete.

We try to accommodate sailors at the dates that fit them best. Here is our group clinic schedule:
December 29th to January 3rd 2015. New Year’s clinic and regatta. January 1st, is a day off.
A Laser X Clinic. (the X stands for Xcellence in Xecution). Laser charter $390.00, coaching  $420.00
January 5th -9th. Midweek clinic and Regatta.  Big boat sailors wanting dinghy experience.
If you know how to sail, but have little or no Laser sailing experience this clinic is for you. For our advanced sailors who like to join cause the dates fit them well, no need to worry. We will keep you busy, too. Laser charter $390.00, coaching  $420.00   3 BOATS LEFT. Book now.
January 11th -14th. Pre Race Clinic.
The perfect warmup for our annual Regatta.
Designed for Laser sailors who can tack and Jibe at ease in 16 knots of wind. Upwind speed, downwind speed, sail trim, boat control on a start-line,  will be the principal points of concentration of this clinic. The four days of training will be followed by a rest day before the regatta.  Laser charter $390.00, coaching  $420.00 For more information and reservations.
January 15th-18th, 2015.   13th Caribbean Laser Midwinter Regatta.
Be the first in the northern hemisphere to race a Laser in 2015. Serious and fun regatta, at times with some buoys close to the beach, for close cheering by sun bathers. January 15th is registration day. Racing 16th-17th-18th of January 2015. Perfect for sailors who want to continue to the Miami OCR (ISAF WORLD CUP) the following week or Master racers who want to have a head start for the season. 
January  20th-24th . Masters Clinic and regatta.
Designed for Laser sailors who can tack and Jibe at ease in 12 knots of wind. Here we will concentrate race planning and management. How to create a plan and execute it for the fist upwind leg. Tactic talk will include fleet positioning following the start, creating and keeping your lane. Naturally we will not forget boat handling and speed drills. Coaching during the regatta will include individual goals for each sailor. Feedback to sailors by the coach between races. Video watching and race analysis after the race. Enrolment is limited to ensure personal attention to every participant. Full rigs and Radials are both welcome. Laser charter $390.00, coaching  $420.00 3 BOATS LEFT.  For More details
February 1st to 9th.  Open coaching dates.
For schools, clubs, districts, and individuals who would like to create their own program with our
February 10th to 14th, 2015. Valentine couple’s clinic.
A clinic designed with the non sailing spouse in mind.

A winter break Laser Festival. For those who love to sail and race the Laser, but don’t want to sit in a class format and rather spend the extra hours of the day with the family or friends, canyoning, hiking or going to the Monkey Jungle. Unlike our Full-on clinics, here at 2:00PM each day coach Judith, will set up a short race course in the bay and give starting sequences, to allow practice of starts, mark roundings, sprint sailing, and performing under pressure. If anyone will want to join the short debriefing after the racing, they are welcome. Personal video sailing analysis , and one on one coaching is available at an additional fee. Laser charter and participation in the on water activity is just $120.00 a day per person, including boat charter and coaching, the excursions are extra.  for more details
February 24th to 28th. Winetr-break Clinigatta.
Designed for Laser sailors who can tack and Jibe at ease in 14 knots of wind. Amazing how many times we have reaching legs in regattas and hardly practice for them. We wont let this happen in this clinic.  Reaching and downwind legs will be analyzed thoroughly, not only for speed settings but also when to sail low, when to sail high, and how to keep our eyes behind us for clear wind. Clinic will include Upwind speed, downwind speed, sail trim.  for more details
March 1st-15th. Spring Break Clinigatta.
We know dates of spring break are different for different states and countries. Whenever your vacation days are, we are here in warm and windy Cabarete.  Using the PPP "secret" formula, we will be running drills, and coaching programs the entire time. Let us know for how many days you would like to join,
 and we will work on the program that fits you best.

The cheapest month long training session ever. February  & March 2014.
Starting at $1,690.00 including Laser, accommodation and gym classes.
If taking a month off in the winter to a warm and windy place, improving your boat speed and boat handling techniques, while enjoying the vibe of a Caribbean town that lives and breathes watersports was out of your budget, it is time to reconsider.
In February and March 2015 we are offering a package that includes everything a sailor can wish for.
Laser coaching: Five days a week, our coach  will set up marks, or start lines, and run drills for all participants. These on the water sessions will be two hours long, followed by video debriefing of the day’s training. Optional private or group coaching is available.
Gym:  Join one of the classes offered at Rogue gym, Cross fit, TRX, or Yoga.
For those who don’t want to beach run to the gym, mototaxi are readily available and do not make a  dent on  the budget. Pricing is based on  shared accommodation at the Hostel Laguna Park.
We have special deals also for those who wish to stay for less than a month, and in more upscale accommodations.
April, 2015.
Open coaching dates.
For schools, clubs, districts, and individuals who would like to create their own program with our
To coordinate your clubs trip, your private sessions or for more information on any of our programs, please contact us.

Coming from Europe, North America or South America?
Flights to Cabarete, winter 2014/2015.
Flights to Cabarete (POP)
 FROM                     OPERATED BY
MUNICH                   AIR BERLIN, CONDOR
HELSINKI                  FINAIR
GATWICK                THOMSONFLY 

PARIS                      XL AIRWAYS F
PRAGUE                  TRAVEL SERVICE


MIAMI                    AMERICAN AIRLINES

NEWARK                UNITED
BOSTON                 JETBLUE

SAN JUAN                     INTERCARIBEAN
Another option is to fly to Cibao intentaional Airport (STI) located 1.5 hours away in the city of Santiago. Flying through Santiago ususally offers better connections for sailors coming from the west coast of the US. In any case wherever you land in the Dominican Republic, we can always send a taxi to pick you up.
Coming from: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, or Venezuela? Copa Air offers great connections via Panama City, to Santiago de Los Caballeros (STI).

Laser Training Center, Cabarete. Tel. + 1 (809) 571-0640.  Reservations