Road works update

Rain from the weekend thunderstorm is putting recent road works to the test and causing delays
Your patience and help are needed!!!

Repairs and water bars will be placed over Mon, Feb 27 and March 2.

The flush seal will, weather permitting, be applied on Tues, March 7.

Over the flush sealed road surface small stones will be spread. Over time road traffic will work these small stones into any voids.

Residents can help by:

1. Being patient with the delays
2. Avoiding driving on the new areas to be sealed, if at all possible.
3. Checking that stormwater runoff from your footpath or drive flows to their garden or a drain and not directly onto the road surface. With the recent storm people found even a small footpath could scour a channel in the road surface, especially when it is not sealed.
4. Making sure the pits and drains near your house are working, expecially if sealing is delayed by further rain.
5. Sweeping up and respreading stones evenly onto the newly sealed road surface when required

With on-going community support we will hopefully get the best result possible for the money and effort invested. With a second allocation of funds from the environment levy in 2007 we will continue to see improvement, although we acknowledge it does take time.

For additional information please contact Council or email SIRA