Please Go here http://www.lef.org/featured-articles/consumer_alert_042707.htm, scroll to the bottom of Byron Richard's hard hitting article- where with one mouse click you can send a form letter instantly to your Senators and Congressman opposing S.1082 The FDA Revitalization Act of 2007 which is scheduled to

go to the Senate floor for a vote on Monday, April 30th. 


(The Senate bill will probably then also rushed to the Floor of the House shortly thereafter a few days or weeks later so we must continue to be vigilant past monday.)

This treacherous 262 page bill which supposedly "protects us" from dangerous drugs actually does the OPPOSITE and has been ably exposed by Byron Richards, author of Fight For Your Health- Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America in conjunction with attorney Jonathan Emord who is working with us in an effort to kill it.

Outrageously, the bill would create an actual DRUG COMPANY inside the FDA!

This Drug Company would be called the "Reagan-Udall Foundation for the Food and Drug Administration" and if we allow this monster to be created inside the gates of the FDA, all bets are OFF, the Agency will work OVERTIME to protect its OWN PATENTED TOXIC CRAP from ALL UNWANTED COMPETITION!

This bill gives the FDA sweeping new power to attack safe dietary supplements (read Byron's article for details.) 

The bill renews the Prescription Drug User Fee Act which had expired, and Kennedy has set up a payola scam akin to business owners paying protection money to the mafia whereby drug companies wanting faster approval on their products can pay the FDA which will receive $380 Million or more than 50% of their budget for new drug approvals from the industry they're supposedly "regulating."

Senator Grassley has expressed grave reservations about this bill, wanting to know why a special center can't be set up inside FDA to monitor the dangers of drugs already on the market but his alternative bills won't make it to the floor because Kennedy controls the committee.

The Life Extension Foundation has made it possible to oppose this dangerous bill with just one MOUSE CLICK allowing you to INSTANTLY send a form letter to your Senators and Congressman- so please go here:  http://www.lef.org/featured-articles/consumer_alert_042707.htm  scroll to the bottom and click on the button that says "TAKE ACTION NOW"!

Then please call your Senators via the Capital Switchboard at

202-225-3121 to lob in the same message: "NO TO S.1082- the FDA Revitalization Act! It doesn't protect us from unsafe drugs, it does the opposite! It creates a drug company inside FDA while giving FDA broad new power to attack safe dietary supplements!"