Media Release
Saturday April 16th 2022
Just.Equal Australia has joined the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) in calling on the ALP to explain exactly what a finalised Albanese Government Religious Discrimination Bill will contain.
The NCEC recently wrote Labor, asking for a response to its questions by 29 April to inform its stakeholders before the election.  
Just.Equal spokesperson, Brian Greig, said his group wrote to Shadow-Attorney General Mark Dreyfus five weeks ago asking four specific questions on the same issue, but had not received a reply.  
“Given it seems likely that Labor will respond to the NCEC by 29 April, Just Equal is insisting on the same courtesy, and has referred Mr Dreyfus to our earlier correspondence,” Mr Greig said.
Just.Equal is keen to know if Labor will:
  • allow discrimination by faith-based schools against LGBTQ teachers at the point of recruitment
  • allow discrimination by faith-based schools against LGBTQ students under the guise of “religious belief”
  • allow discrimination against LGBTQ staff and volunteers in other faith-based services
  • override existing state and territory laws against LGBTQ discrimination, including existing potections for teachers in faith-based schools as well as Section 17 of Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Act.    
“As with the NCEC, we have asked Labor to respond by 29 April."
"Obviously, we are hoping Labor will respond saying its Religious Discrimination Bill would not allow discrimination under the guise of 'religious belief' or weaken any existing discrimination protections."
“Labor’s answers to our four questions can then be shared with our national supporter base and the LGBTIQ+ community prior to polling day." 
In February Labor voted for the Morrison Government's Religious Discrimination Bill, including provisions that would have overridden state laws that currently protect LGBTQ teachers in faith-based schools from discrimination. 
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For more information contact Brian Greig on 0407 776 961.