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20 August 2010
Stitch and the Hunt for Stitched Sealife Escapees
... EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Stitch a Squid at the Natural History Museum ... Stitched Sealife Escapees! ... 
Damp and salty yarn-soaked greetings to you

This newsletter is a quick reminder about our special Stitch a Squid event at the Natural History Museum and an invite to join us whereever you are in the world on our Museum hunt for the Stitched Sealife Six escapees.
Stitch London learners: Stitch London free knitting lessons will resume mid-September. You're always welcome to come along and knit with us but no learner teaching will take place till then. Keep an eye on this newsletter for dates. In the meantime you can find excellent learner videos online.

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Help Us teach by becoming a Stitch Sage

Stitch a Squid: Stitch London are joining forces for some under sea stitching at London's Natural History Museum. Join us and stitch a squid.

Stitched Sealife on the Run: Six stitched sealife specimens have broken loose from their jars and are running riot in the Museum. See their story.

Stitch London meetings:
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FRIDAY 27 August

Time: 6 – 9.30pm
Venue: Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Map More info

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Royal Festival Hall (Level 2)
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map More info

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Leon at Spitalfields Market
3 Crispin Place
E1 6DW

Map More info
  EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Stitch a Squid at the Natural History Museum  

Stitch London is teaming up with the folks at London's Natural History Museum for a Late event on Friday 27 August from 6pm to 9.30pm to bring a little stitched sealife to the world.

To celebrate the weird and watery Deep Sea exhibition the Stitch a Squid event invites you to come along and learn to knit a stitched squid to add to the tiny Stitched Squid Shoal or take home with you.
You can stitch your ten-legged tentacled friend in the shadow of Dippy the Dinosaur skeleton in the Museum's main hall, then wander about one of London's most magical museums to get your fill of the furry, finned and feelered.
Sign up sheets will be filling up fast so get there early
If you fancy a normal Stitch they'll be plenty of room about the Museum for a bit of a knit, crochet or craft.

Help us teach. Become a Stitched Squid Sage
 We're still looking for volunteer teachers for one-hour slots on the night. Stitched Squid Sages get a free Stitched Squid Sage badge, a free Stitched Squid PDF pattern and the chance to queue jump ahead of the masses.
Email us at to volunteer to teach in the same room as a giant dinosaur skeleton! Go on.

Stitch and Searching for Escape Fibre-based Fish

Sound the alarms and lock down the building. The Stitched Sealife Six have escaped!

To celebrate our Stitch a Squid event five Stitch Londoners were set the task of bringing to life stitched sealife specimens to display in the Natural History Museum on the big night. The creatures were created and safely tucked into their specimen jars at the museum...

The circumstances of the escape of the Stitched Sealife Six are unclear but you can see the telling tale of their trail of soggy finprints on Museum floors at the Stitch London blog.

Four of the slippery suspects have been revealed so far this week with two to come over the next week.
New suspects will be revealed on Monday and Tuesday next week.
You can watch the hunt from the safety of your screen or join us at the Natural History Museum on the night to see if we managed to get them back in their jars.

Be vigilant. The Stitched Sealife Six are not to be approached without extreme caution.

We're off to continue the search for those slippery stitched fishy folk. We'll see you in the hallowed hall of the Natural History Museum.

If you're not in London you can join the wool-covered madness as an online Stitch Londoner on our Ravelry message board, and befriend us on Twitter
and Facebook.

Keep watching the shadows for stitched sealife, Stitch Londoners 

The Stitchettes x


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