Richard Herring Newsletter
November 2017
Ian Gunpowder Night is just round the corner
I have spawned again. My son Ernest Christopher Patrick Herring (ECPH) was shot across the room like a bullet at 3.27am on 5th October. I like him. And will be making this photo into an Athena poster.  Having kids is ace. All do it now. Don't worry about the nappy rash, dirty nappies and never sleeping again. There must be some good things too or why would anyone do it?
We're about halfway through recording series 12. Please come and see us live if you can. You can book your tickets here.
Still some guests to confirm. Have been waiting for some big names to get back to me (and they've been a bit tardy) but I promise we will have some great guests to replace that rubbish TBA.

October 30th Jan Ravens and Johann Hari
November 6th TBA (but Russell Brand is keen to do it, just waiting to see if he can fit us in)
November 13th Reg D Hunter and Simon Brodkin who gave Theresa May her P45
November 20th Richard Osman + TBA - was hoping for a certain BB, but ironically he has gone a bit quiet.
November 27th Paul Chowdhry and Dave Gorman
Episode 1 of series 12 with Ellie Taylor is already up and the third interview with Armando Iannucci will be up on Wednesday.
You can watch it on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
or iTunes
Fancy getting Emergency Questions on your phone? Well that's lucky. Cos you can. Unless it's an Amstrad emailer phone. It's free to download (and then you can buy extra questions)
If you have an Android phone then you have my condolences, but I wouldn't leave you out. Get it here.
And if you have an Alexa enabled device then you can get her to ask you a random question as one of her skills.  It's free and it's here.
OH FR•G, I'm 50
There are a few tour dates coming up this autumn (and we're just confirming the Spring schedule now)
The main tour is February-May 2018 and the dates are starting to appear on my gig guide
I think we're about to confirm the lot of them. I will probably send you another email.
You can now see all six shorter episodes of AIOTM on my Youtube channel 
If you want loads of extras and 20 minute longer eps then  pay £15 here.
Emergency Questions Book
Looking for a great Christmas gift or a secret Santa?
Come on, what could be better than the original  Emergency Questions book?  
Well how about the Christmas Emergency Questions book? We should be having them delivered in the next 10 days and once we've shipped out all the ones to the kickstarter backers, these will be for sale at gofasterstripe too.
Pointless Celebrities
I didn't win.
Remember if you become a monthly badger then you will help us pay for the podcast and you'll get a badge, access to the backstage interviews, a secret email and entry to every monthly draw, with some amazing prizes.
If you want to move over to this renewable energy company, who don't tie you into a contract and are probably cheaper than your current provider, plus get a £50 credit for both you and me. Then sign up using this link. I have found them to be very good.
  And look, Phoebe likes Ernie too. Or is plotting to kill him. I am not sure.
Enjoy Halloween and careful with those sparklers now. Don't pick them up off the floor. The end might still be hot. It's Ian Gunpowder's revenge from beyond the grave.