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Dear Friends,

Each year, BookShop West Portal sponsors School Days, a fundraiser to benefit local schools. Participating schools may elect to receive store credit for 25% of books purchased for their account, or they may choose to receive a check for 15% of those purchases. If you would like to register your school for this four-day event, please contact Sonia Lewis at the store, or via email at

We are kicking off School Days with a special event this year: on Thursday, October 4th at 7 p.m., Sonia Lewis and Anna Bullard (our owner and children’s book buyer), will present a selection of their favorite titles from this year’s new releases, as well as a few of their backlist favorites. They will focus primarily on middle readers (8 - 12 years old), but will also have suggestions for other age groups. Any books purchased at this event may be applied toward your School Days total. School Days begins that evening, and continues through Monday, October 8th.

Come Shop and Help Your School!

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