IAHF Webmaster: Post the information at the link below into the Anti NSA and Anti Chip section of the website- the information was relayed to me from someone living in West Virginia who had to flee for her life from Ohio where she came under intense NSA surveillance for high level involvement in delving into chemtrails and MKULTRA mind control. To protect her I removed her name from the email she sent me which contains the info at this link that I just put on RMN where I am a news agent:


IAHF List: Some of this information may be totally new to you and you may wonder why I am sending it to you given that you probably signed on to the IAHF list mainly out of a desire to maintain your access to dietary supplements.

The info at the link above is about a tangentially related matter, but it underscores the extreme importance of donating to the Alliance for Natural Health via http://www.alliance-natural-health.org for their lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive.

This battle to preserve our access to supplements is only the TIP of a much larger ICEBURG.

If you are having trouble sleeping or are under a huge load of personal stress right now, I would recommend you NOT go to the url above because it could adversely impact your sleep. It is profoundly disturbing, as well as very well documented information about an aspect of the Military Industrial Complex regarding which many of you may never have heard before.

I realize what I am saying may sound sort of cryptic...... only go to the link above and then to the link referenced in it, if you feel psychologically and emtionally strong enough to deal with some profoundly disturbing information. We are in a battle of good vs evil, and it is never more apparent than from this specific information. Please forward to others.

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