Randall Terry

  September 2011
Will You Run for Office?
An Embarrassing and Difficult Situation
I'm Bearing My Heart to You;
I Humbly Ask for Your Prayers and Help.
   Dear Pro-Life Friend,

   We have embarked on the long, hard task of recruiting pro-life Americans to run as federal candidates in the 2012 election cycle and beyond. Their purpose: To be a "Voice for the Voiceless;" to create a crisis of conscience for the nation by showing dead babies.

Our position is simple: Ending the Murder of Children Is the #1 Moral and Political issue facing America.
   God warns that He will punish a nation that kills her children. The Bible teaches that “shedding innocent blood” is the worst crime that a nation can commit. The following passage is one example of many. Consider the peril America is in:
They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; and the land was polluted with blood. Thus they became unclean by their acts, and played the harlot in their doings. Then the anger of the LORD was kindled against his people, and he abhorred his heritage; he gave them into the hand of the nations, so that those who hated them ruled over them. Their enemies oppressed them, and they were brought into subjection under their power. (Psalm 106: 37-42)

   Please understand: America is in great danger. If we are going to save America from God’s judgments, we need repentance, and the political atmosphere in which people make ending this holocaust America’s number one political issue. It is more critical than the economy; more critical than foreign policy; more critical than the debt ceiling.
   In fact, as the above passage from the Scripture shows, WE WILL NEVER SAVE OUR ECONOMY, or CURE THESE OTHER ILLS, until we stop killing our children, BECAUSE THE HAND OF GOD WILL BE AGAINST US.
   Hence, our goal is to create a crisis of conscience for America, by showing the public the gruesome reality of “safe, legal, abortion;” pictures of murdered babies in TV ads.
Please print this out and hand it out to anyone that you think would want to run for Federal office to save babies!

An Embarrassing and Difficult Situation
   I despise writing a letter of this nature.
   Besides genuine pro-life advocates and supporters, I also have members of the press, pro-abortion activists – and "pro-life people” who wish us ill – who read my letters.
   I do not want to give our adversaries fodder to use against us. But I don't see any other option besides praying and telling our friends (and unfortunately our enemies) the truth.
   We have seven full-time people on our team that fight in Washington DC. All of us are “missionaries;” we are not paid for our struggle and work. In addition to them, we have about 5 small groups we work with on a regular basis.
   None of them, or I, get paid for what we do. We work every day -- usually six days a week -- from 10 to 14 hours a day. (People take breaks and vacations when needed.)
   Everyone is supported by friends, family, small part-time jobs, and by kind people who bring over a meal or buy Chinese food.
   We literally live hand to mouth.
Look At the Fruit of This Team…

   But if you look at what we have done in the last six months, or the three years -- going back to our seven week campaign at Notre Dame and further -- it is amazing what this "band of warrior poets" has been able to do by the grace of God, and by enormous hard work, long hours, and sacrifice.
   Consider even now:
  • We spent 2 months in Denver for the Democratic Convention;
  • We had 100 days of prayer at the White House for Obama’s first 100 days;
  • We went to the Vatican to plead with Vatican officials regarding errant US bishops;
  • We led two months of protests at Notre Dame regarding Obama’s address at their commencement, which led to scores of arrests for praying on campus (the majority of the infamous “ND88”);
  • We led extensive protests (with enormous media coverage) against Nancy Pelosi, and Obamacare;
  • We were the only DC based group that confronted Republican House Speaker John Boehner before and after his treacherous funding of Planned Parenthood; (All other groups were sinfully silent.)
  • We led 100 days of prayer and protest on Capitol Hill for the “first 100 days” of Congress for the current congress;
  • We’re the only DC-based pro-life group to hold Democrat and Republican senators accountable with protests, press conferences, lobbying, and extensive press tours throughout the Midwest and the South regarding Obama’s Supreme Court nominees and Obamacare;
  • We have had well over a dozen “sit-ins” and peaceful acts of civil disobedience, in which our team members were arrested and jailed for their witness for the babies;
  • I have been arrested a half-dozen times in the last three years for peaceful protest;
  • We have toured to over 20 cathedrals, holding press conferences, begging bishops to withhold communion from “Catholic” politicians who promote the murder of babies;
  • We have disrupted and preached at the “Christmas parties” of child killers in DC;
  • We have been at the abortion mills in DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and across America;
  • We have created and published A Humble Plea; Insurrecta Nex; and What Would Mohammed Do?
  • We keep an active presence on Capitol Hill, preaching and lobbying and doing political street theater to reach out to Congressmen and Congressional staffers;
  • We are constantly sending out pro-life training material and resources to various individuals and groups around the country, to train them to fight to end child-killing;
  • We have done hundreds of interviews for major TV, radio, and newspaper outlets, reaching millions as we herald the pro-life message through the secular press.
In short, we have used your gifts to pour our hearts, souls, and bodies into the battle for the babies…
to hasten the end of this holocaust.
   Friend, I could go on and on about specific protests, my labors for Terri Schiavo, press conferences, interviews with congressmen for our TV show, preaching to Obama, speaking at churches, lobbying, holding training seminars on activism, and confronting and exposing abortionists. But you get the point – we have fought constantly for the babies, even when it was not convenient. (Click here to give)
Our Daily TV Show! On 40 TV Stations!!!

   In addition to all that, we host a daily TV show that is carried on 40 TV stations across the U.S., and seen by over 1 million unique viewers per month online. We are a voice for the babies!
   I have interviewed Cardinals, Congressmen, Activists and Authors…we have broadcast from the site of the “ground zero mosque” and locations from at least 20 states.
   And as I said, we are not paid for this. This is a mission for us, not a job.
   But nevertheless, we are desperate for resources. We are in a crisis. And we are heading into the summer, which is always difficult, because people go on vacation.
   The rent must be paid; the materials we produce must be paid for; the utilities and phone bills must be paid for; the press releases that we send out -- helping to keep child killing in the news -- must be paid.
   We are on the frontlines in Washington DC, and as the secular press and media will show you, we are fighting our hearts out to save babies from murder, and to create the social tension necessary to help expedite the end of legalized child killing in America.
   But frontline soldiers still need a supply line.
   Right now, we have bills over 90 days old that total nearly $50,000. These are mostly printing bills, press release bills, and legal bills. In addition to that, we have current bills, probably totaling another $15,000.
   In the big picture of what various ministries and pro-life organizations receive economically, $55,000 is not a lot of money. But for us it is. Our support base is small.
   I ask you to step back and to consider how much this tiny band of warriors has accomplished in the last year, or last 3 years - with minimal resources - beginning with the Democrat convention in Denver, or our efforts at the Vatican, or at Notre Dame to expose and confront Obama and Notre Dame’s treachery. 
   As of today, we have less than $500 in the bank. We get money in, and we send it out immediately, to pay our debts and our bills.
   We have no savings account, no credit cards, no hidden resources to use.
We go from hand to mouth... from
God's hand and your hand…to the immediate
needs and pressing battles we face.
Let me give a word of defiance to our
adversaries and critics…
   One of the reasons I hate being this honest is because a few people will mock us; a few others – “pro-lifers!” - will be happy that we are in difficulty. (I think we embarrass them by our tenacity and our tactics; and sometimes we make them look bad because of our small successes – at least we are really “throwing punches,” not just talking.) (Click here to give)

But please note the things that I did NOT say:

   I DID NOT say: “We will close our doors without your help!!!”
   I DID NOT say: “We cannot continue our life saving work without your help!!!”
   I DID NOT say: “We have huge plans – plans that could change the world – and I cannot launch them without you!!!”
   Hype and charades disgust me. It’s a part of why the pro-life movement is losing…
I testify before God, men, demons, and angels:
We will stay in this fight, regardless of our resources.
   We will struggle along; we will not quit; we will not shrink back from battle during times of want. We will fight on.
   And we will NOT manipulate people with false promises; we will not use hot button moments and issues to raise money, offering some ridiculous assertion that “Your Gift is Going to End Child-Killing!” Or, “If you send us money, we will end child-killing!”
   No: we cannot end legalized child killing with your money.
   Child-killing will be ended by extended service and sacrifice, conflict and confrontation, prayer and political battles and elections – from us, yes, as leaders and trend setters – but also by YOU in your community.
   Child killing will be ended by following the models of the Civil Rights Movement, the Abolitionists, the Suffragettes, etc. By many people, not a few “hired guns…”
   We must follow their lead and example, for therein lies the path to final victory over child-killing.
   Friend, I ask you to pray for us, and to give as generously as you can.
 There are people reading this right now who can give $500 or $1,000. PLEASE DO.
   Others can only give $10 or $25. Some can give $50 or $100. Please do.
   I have poured my heart out to you in truth, and opened myself to ridicule from my adversaries. It is a small “cross” I must bear, but I am willing to do so to stay in this fight, and to have the resources we need to fight in our nation’s capitol, and around America.
Washington DC Pro-Life Charades and Scams…
   Friend, you would be heartbroken if you saw what we see here in DC. It is disgusting. For example, people raise money talking about “pro-life” and “defunding Planned Parenthood,” but then they do little or nothing of real consequence to fight. ! It is talk, talk, talk, and then FUNDRAISE! It is obscene.
   They raise lots of money, but have little to show for it; they are virtually unknown by the child killers.
   They are no threat to hell, because they do not attack the gates of hell. It grieves me deeply.
   Enough said. Again, I beg your prayers and your help if at all possible. I will update you on the progress of our situation.
   One more thing: We will keep fighting, with or without the help of any one person. I WILL NOT STOP until we prevail, or the ground receives my body. And even then, the books, tapes, videos, and TV shows we have produced (with your help!) will inspire and train people to end this holocaust.
   But in truth, our team is not an island. We are like “commandos,” the “green berets of pro-lifers;” “insurgents” in enemy territory…whatever illustration you like. And our team MUST GROW; it must grow in numbers, and in piercing clarity.
   And part of how we grow, is with help from you.
   Please, help us out of this “embarrassing situation” with whatever gift you can give, and if possible, commit to help us every month throughout the summer.
   God bless you, and Long life to you, 
   Randall Terry
   P.S. Thank you for taking time to read this whole letter. I am asking you – as a sacrifice to God and for the Babies – to commit to a monthly gift for the next six months. Please contact me today. God bless you!
Randall Terry

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