John with Bear............"Doomsday Seed Bank" in the Artic.............Georgia Guidestones Announce Intention to Kill 9 out of 10 of Us
IAHF List:Below my comments I have posted one of the best written articles about whats going on around us that I've seen in a long time. I emailed the author to congratulate him on a job well done. Please read it! Its called "Numbing Out of America- Public Apathy Explained." You will find new information in this that adds to things I've been discussing because knowledge = power. We're undergoing biological attack by mad men intent on radically culling our numbers. They have announced this intention via the Georgia Guidestones. They've created a Doomsday seedbank of heirloom seeds in the Artic even as they keep spraying aluminum on us so these seeds will not germinate while Monsanto patents an aluminum resistant GMO seed. I
I keep seeing ads for gold on TV, but you can't eat gold, and it won't protect you from chemtrails.... sulfur will.... once more people become aware of whats going on, sulfur will become more valuable than gold. Get some extra to barter with, you need it to stay alive, and so does everyone around you- they just don't realize it yet!
I was curious to see if there was an existing yahoo group where we might all exchange information about our positive health experiences with organic sulfur, and I found one yesterday called "Sulfur Stories", but when I went to join it, the moderator never got back to me. Then I noticed that participation in this group has dwindled to close to zero so not being sure that its even still active, I decided to start my own yahoo group which I invite you to join HERE.
I posted a couple of messages to get the ball rolling, and hope lots of you will join me on this forum because its abundantly clear to me that all of us are under attack. Many of you have called to tell me of the positive health experiences you've been having with sulfur. We should share these experiences and compare notes with each other in this new yahoo group!
When you get your sulfur, be sure to take a flash digital photo of your face and save it to your computer. Take additional photos periodically, such as every month and compare! You will see wrinkles and crows feet disappear. Over time (12-18 months) even scars start to diminish on my sulfur. As you alkalinize your gut by taking sulfur, your stress levels will diminish (even though you realize we're undergoing massive biological attack which is pretty daunting and even though the economy is being destroyed, which is also damned unsettling!) As sulfur helps you unglycate your cells, you will lose weight, and your libido will spike.
The most amazing thing to me about this stuff is just the overall improvement in my mood from taking it. Its very stressful fighting the FDA for a living. I can't think of too many things that are harder than to butt heads with the elements of coersion day in and day out, but I do this work because I have a huge medical need for the supplements I take and realize that I'm not alone.
In 35 years of taking supplements as part of an orthomolecular program, I've never experienced a greater benefit from a single substance than I have from taking sulfur, so I really look forward to seeing all of your stories in the new yahoo group. I hope it generates sufficient interest that we sell enough sulfur to raise the $70 Grand Kevin Miller needs to make an updated version of the health freedom film "We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom", because if we don't make this film, we're done like dinner. If we don't make this film, we won't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting a congressional oversight hearing on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico which is how FDA intends to "back door us" and usher Codex vitamin restrictions into North America.
I will never forget the reaction of the FDA officials on the conference call I had with them when I demanded they comply with my Freedom of Information Act about this and send me their internal documents. They fear me. They know who I am because I tried putting Dr.Yetley of the FDA under a congressional microscope after nailing her violate US law twice at Codex meetings when I was on the US delegation before being kicked off for trying to expose her crimes. Help us make this badly needed updated film! Buy sulfur.
I keep finding great articles which delve into new aspects of the attack which sulfur helps to counter. If you are new to the IAHF list and have not seen my recent alerts, please see our archives. The article below, with the videos embedded in it is one of the best I've read so far, the only thing missing is a mention of sulfur as the antidote to chemtrails...

Numbing Out Of America – Public Apathy Explained

 by Allen L Roland
YOU WILL BE STUNNED, But at least you know how to fight back!)
Please forward this to more people! Discuss this at your superbowl party tomorrow! Clue in people you meet at church, in the supermarket, at the pub, tell your neighbors, your friends , call your family members, forward this to more people because there is safety in numbers! The more people fighting back, the harder it will be for the New World Order to put us into premature graves. I intend to live a long, happy life despite these efforts to take me out, and I know you all feel the same way. I hope all of you will participate in the yahoo group I just created here, because we can compare notes on all of this and help each other out!  
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