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23 September 2010
Stitch and Teeny Tiny Hat Time
... EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Fruit Towers Knit ... WIN: Knit and Purl Pets ... GLOBAL: Graffiti knitting call out
... PICTURES: Stitch a Squid & Prince Charles' Garden Party
... GERTY: Stalking Stitcher ...
... YAY! Stitching Secret Santa ...
Soggy rain-soaked greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, umbrella-ed up to dodge the showers, happily tangle free, and hungry to join in on some fruity teeny tiny hat knitting.
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Teeny hats: Help us help Innocent Smoothies keep older folks warm this winter as we offer an exclusive event at Fruit Towers. Free cake!

Tentacles and Royalty: Check out what happened at our Stitch a Squid and Start Garden Party events. Featuring shouty legend Brian Blessed.

Pets make prizes: Win a copy of Knit and Purl Pets to make yourself some fuzzy friends.

Sleigh Bells: Secret Santa returns at this year's Stitch London Christmas Shindig. Start your knitting now!

Calling all graffiti knitters: Get your yarnstorming in the spotlight for the 2012 Olympics.

Stalky stitching: The slightly lovable Aunty Gerty tackles a stalky problem.

Stitch London meetings:
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MONDAY 27 Sept

Time: From 6pm
Fruit Towers
1 The Goldhawk Estate
Brackenbury Road
W6 0BA

Map More Info

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Royal Festival Hall (Level 2)
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road


Map More info
MONDAY 11 Oct 

Time: From 6pm
Venue: TBC
Stitch London are teaming up with the
good folks at John Smedley to bring
you something fabulous.
Watch this space

Stitch and Secret Santa 

Stitch London Christmas Shindig is a mere few months away. It's time to start your Secret Santa knit! Woo hoo!

Here is how Stitch Secret Santa works:

1. You knit or crochet or stitch a gift costing about £5
2. You lovingly wrap your gift
3. You bring it along to the Stitch London Christmas Shindig
4. You drop it in the Sack of Secret Stitching
5. You party
6. You rummage and recieve a handmade gift
7. You spend the rest of the night marvelling at it

A few rules:
• Gifts must be around £5 or more
• Gifts must be either handmade or stitch themed (we mean it. No Pound Shop products!)
• You don't have to confess which gift you made

Stitching Secret Santa deadline is December 8. Go! Go! Go!

Stitch and Global Graffiti

Fibre-flinging artist Shauna Richardson is rallying the graffiti knitting masses to a yarnstorming cause in honour of the 2012 Olympics.

Shauna is creating three awe-inspiring crochet lions for the event. As you can see below they are utterly amazing.

She invites you to take your stitching to the streets where ever you are in the world and support the Lionheart project by getting your graffiti on.

Find out all the details over on Crafty Crafty

EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Stitch, Smoothies, Cake and Teeny Tiny Hats

Last year Stitch London helped kick off Innocent Smoothies annual Big Knit. A fabulous time was had by all. We ate cake, slurped tea, sampled new smoothie flavours and knit knit knit. Fancy another go?

Despite our cake-ravaging behaviour Innocent have invited us back to Fruit Towers again this year to welcome The Big Knit 2010.

Join us on Monday 27 October as we bring the knit back to Fruit Towers with free cake, plenty of yarn and needles to go round and the chance to win goodies with your woolly hat-making talents.

Or join the Big Knit from where ever you are with free patterns and an address to post to here.

Stitch, Squid and Shouty Celebrities

Stitch London have been busy with some woolly workshops of late. If you missed them you can catch up on the Stitch London blog.

Stitch a Squid at the Natural History Museum saw the capture of the Stitched Sealife Six, some finger-fighting squid wrestling and an 8-metre handknitted collusus Squidius Knittius Giganticus Plasticus.

It was fishy. It was fabulous.

At Prince Charles' Start Garden Party to Make a Difference we met many lovely stitchers, learned a lot about upcycling and sustainable fashion, and had one of our sheep stolen by a shouty Brian Blessed.

COMPETITION: Stitch and Win a Pride of Purled Pets

Cashmere chickens, merino mice, garter stitch greyhounds or kidsilk kittens. What's not to love about a purled pet?

Featuring 20 patterns for furry friends and some fabulous photography
Knit and Purl Pets, by talented Claire Garland, is pretty damn purrrfect (sorry). There's even a dinosaur in there for those of us who like their pets scaly and extinct.

We have five copies of Knit and Purl Pets to give away to the lucky Stitch Londoners who can answer the question below.
What kind of rabbit fur is commonly used for wool?
a. Bunnicula vampire rabbit fur
b. Chas and Dave rabbit rabbit rabbit fur
c. Angora rabbit fur

Drop us an email at with:
  • The subject line "Purled pets are my people!"
  • Answer A, B or C
  • Your full name, email and phone number
The deadline for the competition is Sunday 10 October at 8pm.

Please note: Offering to come to Stitch London Towers and ply Gerty with cheap gin won't help you win. Just pick your answer, email us and cross your fingers. Good luck!

Competition rules: 1. One entry per person. 2. Competition ends Sunday 10 October 2010 at 8pm.
3. No cash alternatives.
4. Winners will be drawn from all correct answers, and notified via email. 5. If winners don’t reply within two weeks of closing date then new winners will be chosen. 6. Prizes will be posted to the winners. 
Ask Gertrude: Stalking my Stitching?

Dear Gerty,

I have recently started a new job at a local cake shop – it’s my dream job – not only do I get to take home any unsold cake at the end of the day, but the manager is a fellow knitter who’s happy for me to pick up my knitting during slow periods.

I love this job, but I have a problem with one of the other workers there. Every time I start a new project, the very next day he’s starts the same pattern. He even uses the same brand and colour yarn. It’s getting a bit creepy now – even when I start test projects with discontinued yarns, lo and behold the very next day he’s there with a replica project.

At first I thought he’d been rummaging through my bag and was doing my knitting for me, but alas no. Asides from knitting with bouclé acrylic, what would you suggest I do to deter my woolly stalker?

Slightly Scared of Streatham

Hello SSoS,

Well you are in a tizzy, aren’t you? First things first, I think you are feeling suppressed guilt at accepting all this free cake, which you are transferring onto your co-workers. The simple solution is to make sure some of this cake falls in Auntie Gerty’s general direction. You’ll feel much better for it.

Now, there are several ways to prevent copy-cat crafting. As you suggested you could knit items so hideous in yarns so garish that anyone attempting to re-create them will doubtless be carted off to Bedlam. But that runs the risk of the same fate befalling you.

You could try booby-trapping your work bag with uncapped DPNs , but again you could do a worse mischief to yourself than the one intended for the miscreant yarn stalker.

Or you could buy a sheep, spin your own yarn and dye it with your own secret recipe, but frankly I think Health and Safety would have issues about livestock wandering around a cake shop.

I think we are missing the most glaring point – imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, as Angelina Jolie told me when she started working the slightly-frayed yarn look.

Your yarny stalker is in fact your most ardent admirer – you should marry him and knit in partnership – you knit the left glove to his right, or he knits and you felt...think how happy you’d be together.

Let me know the date and I’ll get a new hat, after all, you’ll both get staff discount on the wedding cake!

We'll leave you to ponder your Secret Santa stitching now. Check in with other Stitch Londoners on the Ravelry message board, and feel free to stalk us on Twitter and Facebook.

Safe stitching, Stitch Londoners

Stitch London x


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