Gordon Borneman - 10/25: Early voting around the country is showing some amount of voting machine votes being changed from Trump to Clinton. Please check the summary of your vote at the end of the voting session before hitting submit. Please report any votes being changed to the personnel at the polling place and make sure that that they act on the report.

Also, on Election Day, pay no attention to the voting results throughout the day. It will be falsified to show Clinton is winning to try to discourage Trump voters. The goal is to have people think Trump is losing so badly that there is no point in voting. That will be a lie. I suspect that there will be significant Internet problems on Election day. If so, it will be to prevent people from finding out the exit polling and other information so as to funnel all reporting through the mainstream TV media that is complicit in the fraud. Pray that the plans of the devil will be overrun in this election.

I am getting some reports from people around the country like this: Hey, everyone. just a heads up! I had a family member who voted this morning and she voted straight Republican. She checked before she submitted and the vote had changed to Clinton! She reported it and made sure her vote was changed back. They commented that it had been happening. She is trying to get the word out and asked that we post and share. Just want everyone's vote to be accurate and count. Check your vote before you submit!
Note: this happened this morning in Arlington Texas on Monday October 24th, which is also when I posted!