IAHF List:

I have received a copy of the Alliance for Natural Health's response to Peter Aldis, Chair of HFMA, ceo of Holland and Barrett, which is owned by Nature's Bounty.

The response was to an email sent by Peter Aldis to an email he had received from Scott Tips, legal counsel to the National Health Federation.

Unfortunately, the file was sent to me in a pdf format, and I cannot send file attachments via my mailing list provider, so you're just going to have to wait a while until I am able to send the file in a text format.

I am not certain as to whether or not my webmaster will be able to convert the pdf format to an html format to post on the IAHF website or not. I have forwarded it to him.

The file was not sent to me by ANH. They were having problems with their server this morning. It was sent to me by someone in Ireland who was able to receive it.

It is not clear why ANH had problems with their server this morning.

One thing I can say is that if you happen to be working with Ralph Pike to monitor the IAHF email distribution list, by the time you do receive the text of this reply via my list, the annual meeting for HFMA will have already occurred.

Unfortunately for you, some very hard hitting questions based on this information will have already been asked publicly inside that meeting.

It would not be right if I attempted to paraphrase ANH's response to Aldis, or to in any way excerpt from it because it was a response to something that was clearly libelous, and it must therefor be seen in its entirety.

Sorry to cause this additional bit of suspense, but as you can see, I have no choice at the present time.

As soon as I either have the text of this letter in a format other than pdf, or am able to post it on the IAHF website, I will let you know.

When you do finally receive it, you will need to immediately forward it to as many people as possible in an effort to offset the harm done to ANH by Aldis's outrageous response to Scott Tips, which was spammed out to Ralph Pike, to everyone in the world EXCEPT the Alliance for Natural Health, who he clearly was seeking to injure.

In closing, I would just like to say that the letter from ANH in response to Aldis is 23 pages long, so it is much too long for me to quickly transcribe. Therefor I will wait, and would really appreciate your ongoing patience.

If you have been waiting up all night wondering what I was going to send out, my apology unless you are with Pike monitoring my list, in which case all I can say is that the truth shall find you out.

Stay tuned.

Its not over til its over, and even THEN its not over.

Its not over til the fat lady sings.

When hell freezes over, we will fight ON ICE.

Please continue to urge all of your friends and relatives to sign on to the IAHF list, because I will be sending this 23 page response out just as soon as I have it in a format that will allow me to forward it, and I can't do that with a pdf file.