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5-7 April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria, Organizer: Via Expo
Many cities around the world are showing commitment to tackling climate change and have strategies for sustainable development. Following with an interest what is happening at COP21, the urban areas will certainly continue to be a concentration of resources and people, that will increase their environmental responsibility. 
Smart Cities 2016 is an initiative aiming to encourage a low-carbon development of South-East European cities. The concept is still new for Bulgaria but the first steps for its realization have already been made. Cities like Sofia, Dobrich, Gabrovo and Plovdiv are among the leaders.
The Exhibition embraces the following scopes: Sustainable Energy, Intelligent Buildings, City Environment and Mobility, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Smart Cities. 
Till 10 December, you will get:
 free promotional options, which will highlight your company at the exhibition
 5% discount on the exhibition area.
We have invited speakers from: International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance, Architects’ Council of Europe, Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, Innovation Norway, Covenant of Mayors, Calypso Networks Association, etc., which will provide attendees with fist-hand knowledge on important topics.
In the December newsletter we present one of the participants in Smart Cities - K. Chepakov.
In the section 'Partners Announcements' we would like to draw your attention to organizations and media and hope you will find interesting news on their websites.
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Manager of K. Chepakov
Dear Mr. Chepakov, tell us more about your new activity - "smart home" systems, "smart office / hotel facility." How these products are accepted by consumers?  Please tell us about some of your recently completed or ongoing projects.
Recently we installed a smart-home z-wave based solutions for one customer in Burgas. He wanted to control motorized blinds, air-conditioners, lighting, boiler, his floor heating. Now, he is able to do that from this phone/PC/tablet, from a mini-remote control in his house, but, most importantly - their control can be done semi-automatically.
For example - we implemented an energy-saving function for his motor-blinds. We programmed it to go up/down based on room's temperature and outside conditions. This way, during the winter, the blind can save energy , because the blind will go up by itself if you are away, the room is cold and the weather is sunny ; the reverse will happen during the summer - if the temperature in the room is high and outside is sunny - the blind will automatically go down. This behavior will save energy as the need for air-conditioner in the room will be decreased.
Another application is the switching-off of multiple appliances when the customer is away (which again achieves energy-savings). We also have a "Vacation" function, which automatically switches on some lights and blinds in order to imitate that somebody is at home. 
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The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) is the representative organization for the architectural profession at European level. Its membership consists of regulatory and professional representative bodies throughout Europe. Through them, the ACE represents the interests of over 560.000 architects.
TD Installations - the Bulgarian Professional Magazine for Building Installations, Equipment and Tools. The magazine is written on the basis of professionally oriented articles with practical references, for the needs of the professionals in the building investments, design and construction of building installations and equipment, tools and materials for them. TD Installations is an official media partner of Smart Cities. 
Canale Energia is the free daily web site of Gruppo Italia Energia focused on smart city, energy efficiency, sustainability and green architecture addressed to industry specialists and users who are approaching the world of energy. It raises the profile of the opportunities, the new technologies for the enterprises, the managers and the end-users who currently constitute the sector’s chains. Canale Energia is structured in text and video interviews, news, analysis and different sections made by the partners of the sector such as trade associations and consulting firms.
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