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                                                       Gravity Claims Patentable
                    The World Intellectual Property Organization examiner in Soeul, Korea has issued a non-binding opinion that RIH's world-wide claim, on the use of gravity, to reseat a binding is patentable Just one of 28 patents on ski gear filed, breakthrough KAM-HOLDZ Technology TM continues to expand the boundaries of skiing. 
                                                               Right Brain or Left Brain

                                                     Clockwise or anti clockwise?

The Right Brain vs Left Brain test ... do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.

LEFT BRAIN FUNCTIONS                                                   RIGHT BRAIN FUNCTIONS
uses logic                                                                                   uses feeling
detail oriented                                                                           "big picture" oriented        
facts rule                                                                                    imagination rules
words and language                                                                   symbols and images
present and past                                                                         present and future
math and science                                                                        philosophy & religion
acknowledges                                                                            appreciates
can comprehend                                                                         can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
knowing                                                                                     believes
order/pattern perception                                                            spatial perception
knows object name                                                                    knows object function
reality based                                                                              fantasy based
forms strategies                                                                         presents possibilities
practical                                                                                    impetuous
safe                                                                                           risk taking

                                Thanks to a reader for forwarding Right Brain - Left Brain to us. Such Fun.
    Fresh last week:
        "FLY THE SKIS"  youTube video       
                                        We finally have the youTube video available. See the results for yourself. As you raise the hand for a pole swing, connections within the body predispose the feet to do what the hands have done. You truly "FLY THE SKIS" with MOVEMENT OF THE HANDS.
Learn this method of skiing and riding at Sunlight Mountain Resort near Glenwood Springs, Colorado with a
RIDE IN HARMONY TM  * instructor.
Also in this issue;
A Ski Writer Comments:
RIDE IN HARMONY TM opens office in Vail
RIDE IN HARMONY TM links with British Ski School
Coming Next week:  RIH patents pending
   A Ski Writer Comments
                                              AN ADVANCE OVER TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES                                                        
Dear Mr. Frey,

I read your piece about Cary Thompson’s move to Sunlight Ski Area with great interest. ...I do know that he’s got it right and that his instruction method works. I’m 63. I have been skiing since 1972. I originally learned to ski at Killington, Vt. as a fIve day wonder...Bottom line, I eventually became an advanced to discrete-expert skier... I also got into journalism and became a ski writer to support my habit. I’ve skied throughout California, the West and the Pacific Northwest. I even skied at  Zermatt once. I made the switch to shorter parabolic skis and realized that they required a different technique. In March, 2007, I was skiing with a friend at Aspen and decided I needed some instruction on how to handle the new skis. As it happened, we were at Highlands that day and I drew Cary as my instructor. ... nobody else could keep up with us, so my group lesson turned into an all-day private class.

Cary totally transformed my skiing in one day! ...his technique is ridiculously simple: Look where you’re going and ...(ski with Cary’s technique: ed).... That is all there is to it. When you ski this way, you’re always centered on your skis; your butt and your upper body never lag behind them; you’re always in control. It works on the flats, it works on the steeps, it works in the bumps. It’s also virtually effortless.

I don’t know if Cary’s technique would have worked with the 205 cm Rossignols I used to ski on. Skiing on those, for me, was all about angulation -- keeping my upper body quiet with my torso and both hands always oriented to the fall line while my legs did all the work. Essentially, that was the way all the PSIA instructors taught me to ski. It worked, but it was tiring. It also took me many years and lessons to master. Cary’s teaching method offers a true shortcut to skiing proficiency. Maybe that’s why the PSIA doesn’t like it.

Steve Shender
Aptos, Calif.

                                                              NEW CORPORATE OFFICE                                                                  
We have opened corporate offices in the Vail Run Building at 1000 Lionsride Loop, Vail, Colorado. This will facilitate communication with the ski and snowboard industry, and clients alike. Come by and see us. BYOB for now, but we're getting the beer cooler soon. If you're coming out of your way it's suggested that you call first, 888.960.5552. We hope to be on the slope.
                                            RIDE IN HARMONY LYNX TM TO BRITISH SKI SCHOOL
    We have linked to the European ski school British Ski School offering expert tuition for all levels, from beginner, to specialist, and off piste courses with our UIAGM Mountain Guides.  (+44(0)845 4681003) . 
               Look for  RIDE IN HARMONY TM alphabetically under universal. teaching methods on their website. And if you've experienced their fine instruction over there, experience ours over here.
              * Ride In Harmony is an independent teaching method in the European tradition, right here in America.
Ski you on the hill,                                                                                    
Cary Thompson                                                                                                       
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