Stitchin', Bitchin' and Online Blah Blah Blahhing 9th March 2007


Springy springtime greetings to You People of the Knit

We hope that this newsletter find you well, keeping your knitting indoors when there are scattered showers and giving it a bit of air in sunny spells.

This week’s meeting at ye olde Silver Cross was a bit of a sweltering affair. It was so hot in there that plastic needles were getting a bit melty. It didn’t stop us having a good old stitch (and some excellent bitching too), deciphering some pattern code, inducting a few newbies into the way of the knit (from which they will never escape), going ooo and ahhh quite a bit at the abundance of baby patterns being knitted up, and surprising businessmen at nearby tables by knitting in their pub (shocking, eh? Well, no...).

Lion Scarf Tales

In Lion Scarf news there are less than two weeks to go to the grand Lion Bescarfing in the Square. The Lion Ladies are sewing like yarn-covered demons and a large amount of cake has to be consumed to keep us going.

A gigantic box of scarf patches arrived from knitters all the way in South Africa, and may we say that they are utterly fabulous. Check out the blog for some pics soon.

We now have over 120 metres of scarf, which is nearly four times the height of Nelson’s Column! We have more than doubled our original scarf target. Those lions are going to be damned cosy (just in time for the sun to come out too).

Also last night Laura, a ball of 50p rainbow yarn and I went to meet the Lions and give them a second measuring. Several tourists thought it was fabulous the watch us throwing yarn over the beast and forgetting to hold one end of it…

We have also raised £1800 so far thanks to all the kind donations. And you can still join in by:

  • Posting your scarf patch to us by the 10th of March deadline
  • Bringing it along to the Lion Scarf Social on the 14th of March
  • Donating online for the lion-hearted at and entering the free draw
  • Coming along on the 20th to Trafalgar Square to bask in the knitty glory of the bescarfed beasts

Or you can go wild and do all of the above.

This is your Lion Scarf, People of the Knit, so please do what you can to make a bescarfing you can be proud of.

Stitch and the Last Lion Scarf Social

Details of the next meeting:

Join us for the Last Ever Lion Scarf Social. You can knit whatever you like as usual, but if you want to help us sew then bring along a needle and if you want to finish off your lion patch to hand over at the end of the night then that is great too. We will try to lug as much of the 120 metres there as we can, so you can see what knitters can really do. Please pull up a chair, knit like you mean it, and go wild.

WEDNESDAY 14th March
Time: From 6 PM

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall Level 2
Terrace Bar  
Belvedere Road  

Tel: 020 7921 0758


Nearest tube: Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross


Stitch and Arrrrrrrghhhhhhh Shiver Me Timbers, Me Hearties

WEDNESDAY 21st March
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: Waterloo Pier
Victoria Embankment
London WC2R 2PP



Nearest tube: Embankment, Temple, Charing Cross 

Stitch and Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog

These days blogging is almost as trendy as knitting. We have one. Some of you have one. Some of you want one. So get one and join the beautiful knitting blogness of it all!

UKnitters Blogring - This is a place that will link you to the blogs of literally hundreds of knitters.

Wordpress Knitting Blogs - To inspire you here are Wordpress’s knitting blogs

Get yourself a free blog and get blogging. Send us your blog link too and we'll do a bit of a swap.  

Stitch and Stop All the Fighting

Afgahns for Afghans - Afghans for Afghans is a humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted blankets, sweaters, vests, hats, mittens and socks to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan. It was inspired by Red Cross knitting that took place for soldiers and refugees during World Wars I and II.

If you don’t remember when all this was just fields and yarn was made from powdered eggs, you still get the idea. So knit something for those in need, and make socks, not war. (Thanks to Cathy for the info)

Stitch and Sock It to Me

We know some of you out there are afraid. Very afraid. The tiny needles, the fact that there is more than one of them, that unknown place they call ‘the heel’.

People come out from behind the sofa. We have found a friendly website to guide you through the horror that is sock knitting. - Tips and tricks, message boards for you to ask your socky questions on, an email group for you to make socky friends in, and best of all The Museum of Odd Socks (don’t stay in there too long, some of them are a bit scary e.g. Ugly Midget and The Tragedy

Sockamaniac - This lady is nuts about knitting socks and all that involves. And she is pretty much just nuts in general too. Just the Meet My Babies section is worth a look on its own!

Stitch and a Haaaaaaaaaaaandbag!

Some of you out there have a real handbag obsession, and as we aim to please we have found you a link that helps you make you very own stuff-carrier.

u-handbag - Will sell you some fabulous patterns, the yarn to make them, free tutorials for the tricky bits, and some fabulous handles to chuck on when you are done.

Along with that there are the bits you wonder about, such as bag bottoms (to stop your felted yarn getting all stretched), teeny little bag feet (to keep you bag dry when you put it down in a puddle of beer to dance about it whilst clubbing), and Polyester Boning (in case you want to whip up a Moulin Rouge corset and have run out of whale bone…oh hang on, it is for bag shaping).

What we love most about U-handbag is the U-handblog. There a pics of her new bags etc (toting her Oyster card in a handy see-thru pouch), tutorials (Bag Making Wisdom & Tips), feedback from people and her replies (Customer Post Bag), and excellent photos of her trusty hound.

Much respect to someone who is adding to the craftiness of London and the rest of the world (thanks to Laura D for the link).

Stitch and Celebrate

The new online issue of Knitty is out! Woo hoo! One of the best internet free pattern knitting sites ever (except for the rest of them that we love too). Check out the Space Invader socks!

Stitch and Spread Some Knitting Love at Olympia

There is the Stitch and Craft 2007 show coming up soon at London’s Olympia.

The UK Handknitting Association are looking for people to volunteer in the Knit and Relax area.

This means you will get in for free (woo hoo!) and get to sit and knit all day. You can teach a few people, you can listen to people talk about knitting in the good days and how glad they are it is coming back, you can knit all day long with other knitters. It is fab.

When S&BL ran our Knit and Relax we had the best time ever, so trust us when we say it is well worth using up your day to do.

They are most desperate for people at the weekend. You can drop us an email for the forms, or go to their site for more info. (If you want to mention we sent you their way too that would be cool of you. Gives our little knitting army a good name.)

Some of us will be there too, spreading the love of the knit and possibly spending all our wages on our breaks.


That is about all the news we can squeeeeeeze in for you this week. Except to say please keep those Lion Scarf Patches and donations coming. The message board on mySpace is busy as ever for all your knitting stories and pics of your proudly finished stuff. Welcome any newbies to the list, and please send us in any links or knitting goodness you have to share.

Happy Knitting and see you at the Social!

Stitch and Bítch London  
Our myspace group: Stitch and Bítch UK  




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