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AUG 26, 2006 Update

I think this is a great update -- lots of humor, some experimental fiction as well as some traditional style mysteries & thrillers. We have reviewed new books, new authors and some not so recently released books that are just too good to overlook. Unless you are looking for non-fiction, I think there is a book in this update with your name on it.

Please note the new look of our home page -- which makes a separate newsletter page redundant, except from an archive perspective. If you like the new look, send me an e-mail! (Well, if you don't like it, send me one anyway.)

Another change that I made to the site, is to make all links to open faster since we now link to an abbreviated page. Once you have landed at, you can click for the READ MORE button to get to the detail page, if you want more info. Again, feedback from you would be helpful.

So, what are reading this coming holiday weekend?

Happy reading!

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