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I live in a border town on the Canadian border. Since the Pope croaked, the Canadian flag has remained at half mast now for the past week.

Yesterday, I marched in to Canadian Customs and handed the border guards a copy of this article:


And requested that they STOP flying the Canadian flag at half mast, but they didn't listen. I am sure that when I left they put a notation in the computer regarding me next to the OTHER red flags they ALREADY have on me, but I don't give a damn.

The Codex vitamin issue must be seen clearly for what it REALLY is: part of a much BIGGER Eugenics agenda, an effort to cull our numbers.

IAHF holds the view that America and Canada are on the verge of being DESTROYED by CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) which Con-gress will attempt to FAST TRACK on us either in June or July of this year.

CAFTA will be preceed ANOTHER fast track vote for "FTAA" (Free Trade Area of the Americas) which threatens to create a carbon copy of the EU totalitarian government in our hemisphere.

Last week I attended an excellent meeting in Renton, WA where I heard a very solid speech against the FTAA. I got a DVD at this meeting that I encourage all of you to get and to watch and to share with family and friends to educate them before its TOO LATE.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you MIND if our country is totally HIJACKED the way the UK has been by the EU?

Has it crossed your mind that the vast screwing being meted out to vitamin consumers in the UK by the EU will happen NEXT, HERE, via globlization unless we all work VERY HARD to let our Senators know right NOW that we oppose CAFTA and FTAA?

Keep in mind what happened in the UK when over a million vitamin consumers signed petitions opposing harmonization of their vitamin laws to the mindlessly restrictive EU Food Supplement Directive. The Ruling Labour Party in the UK totally IGNORED their wishes, and now the EU will TRY to do the same thing....

I predict that in June, when the corrupt European Court of Justice rules on the Alliance for Natural Health's case, that ANH may be DENIED.

This would happen JUST BEFORE the Codex Meeting in July, setting the stage for Genocide to follow....

The time to oppose tyranny is not AFTER you've been forced into a global equivalent to the WARSAW GHETTO, folks, its BEFORE that could happen!!!

I know, many of you are in denial, or you're leaving it up to IAHF to fight all your battles for you.


IAHF is not some huge monolithic entity with a big office building and a huge staff of people!

IAHF is being run off this computer in a spare bedroom in my small house. Granted, we do have a large and ever growing email distribution list of vitamin consumers world wide who oppose the NWO, but we as a group are only as strong as our weakest links.


1) Download the condensed version of this article http://www.iahf.citymaker.com/page/page/1798503.htm and make hundreds of copies.
Read the FULL version on this same site and download a copy for reference and to show to anyone who is williing to take the time to read it.

2) Go into the Yellow Pages of your local phone book and on a legal yellow pad on a clipboard make a LIST of every health food store within a 50 mile radius of your house.
Write down the phone numbers and addresses of these stores. Call them and get directions to them. Leave a space on your pad to jot down the names of the owners, managers and staff of these stores. Go to them and give them copies of my condensed article to hand out to customers and to bag stuff.

3) IAHF is going to Washington DC at the end of April for an Emergency Lobbying Trip against CAFTA and the FTAA and to educate members of Congress and their staffs re the CODEX VITAMIN ISSUE.

4) IAHF is doing public speaking on this issue nation and world wide.

Please make donations to IAHF to assist on an EMERGENCY BASIS with this effort.
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts, WA 98281 USA
or via paypal to jham@iahf.com or via paypal button at http://www.iahf.com
Paypal button is on the scrollbar on the interior of the site.

We don't have a staff of people here to help answer the phone. If you live in the Seattle or Bellingham areas or around Vancouver or Surrey BC, please call me. I need help from people around Point Roberts WA to form a core group and I need all of you to do the same where you live to help spread the word.

IAHF is intentionally decentralized. This way we will NEVER be penetrated by the other side.
PLEASE FORWARD this alert!! PLEASE donate to IAHF TODAY!!