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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

September 21, 2016

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater

Warning to Offshore Residents Parking up
McCarrs Creek Road

On Friday evening we came home late after kids Friday sports!  Not surprised to find no parking available, we had to drive up McCarrs Creek Road looking for a park, which we were lucky, or in hindsight, unlucky to find!

On Monday morning we found our car vandalised, a huge Rock deliberately thrown into the windscreen and settled on the bonnet of our car!  The damage undoubtedly deliberate as there was clearly no risk of rock falls anywhere nearby:-(


We had parked perfectly legally! No obstructions to any house, cars or driveways!

On inspecting the damage I was approached by another offshore resident who told me they had had experienced two similar acts of vandalism to their cars when parking in the area recently! These had been reported to police, and subsequently so has our more recent incident!

There is a possibility that these incidents of malicious damage are targeted! I would even go as far as to wonder if these are attemps to dissuade us from parking up McCarrs Creek road ?

I am upset by this! Aside from the expense involved we have been inconvenienced and left without the car while it is repaired!

I don't enjoy the daily struggle to find parking, it is a very stressful but an ongoing occurrence in the lives of most offshore residents!  Whilst we choose to live offshore we are still entitled, surely, to have somewhere to park our cars without the fear of being targeted like this by vandals, or by Council Rangers fines if we have been forced to park illegally!  Although the latter appears to be the cheaper option given our experience this weekend!

Jen Arnott
Frustrated offshore resident

Car Vandalism at Church Point

As far as I know 3 cars have now been vandalised parked on McCarrs Creek Road up past the turning circle.

One had a rock thrown on the windscreen completely destroying it, this was on weekend of the 17th September.

A convertible had the soft top roof damaged with a screw driver piercing the entire roof, and chocolate milk poured into the hole the vandal made. This was in August.

The first incident was when a window was left down about 1 inch and pasta sauce poured inside.

None of the vehicles were blocking driveways or parked badly in any way.

If this happens to your car please go the Water Police so they can start to investigate, 3 times in the same 50 metre strip is no coincidence.

Rowena Kempton

Kids Yoga Workshop on Scotland Island

Wednesday 28 September 9.30 - 12.30

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Nadine O’Mara
W: www.consciouslifeyoga.com.au
E: nadine@consciouslifeyoga.com.au
T: 0402 752465

For Sale

Solid A. BROOKER CT12 TINNIE imagetinnie  

  • See website re. quality of Brookers at www.brookermarine.com.au
  • Yamaha 5hp engine only used approx 8hrs
  • Serviced 9/6/16 – receipt provided
  • Manuals and tool kit provided
  • Bespoke lockable aluminium storage box -  (fits fuel, life jackets, etc)
  • Rubber trim protecting tinnie


Contact Suzie 0408 229931


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