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January Musings~~

Not much to be accomplished in January-unless one is growing in a heated greenhouse.

Being a dedicated advocate for eating in season, greenhouse growing doesn’t interest me in a big way. However, it has merit and if one chooses to do so can be very beneficial to winter food supplies.

Pixi tomato sown now in the greenhouse will have fruit by April. Onion, leek, and Alpine strawberries are great greenhouse crops.

Root and Keeper Crops…..

Some winter crops that might still be available in the south are: Cabbages, kale, Brussels sprouts, leeks, parsnips and artichokes, these all survive beautifully in the ground with simple protection such as pine-straw for warmth. From your cellar or cool/cold storage- root crops, such as potatoes, onions, apples and pears will last through the season.


The only things that can be pruned at this time are your vines…anything else must wait until early spring.

The most inviting thing to do now is sit by the fire with your favorite drink/music/ and seed catalogs of course you can take me out of the garden, but…

Close Up and Personal…..

I cherish being healthy…and I wish the same for you~~Healthy digestion requires adequate amounts of probiotics and enzymes, but the average person typically don’t get enough of either in the diet. These are the words of Dr. .Joseph Brasco (one of our local (Huntsville, Al. gastroenterologist) ttmid/4862.aspx.

Do you know…Good Health Food Stores are the keepers of your overall health. Get to know one and the benefits will delight and reward you! As early as 1920’s and 30’s health food stores began opening their doors. When the counterculture movement and ecological awareness hit in the 1960’s/70’s…also known as the ‘hippie” movement…the health food stores became much more popular and more and more dotted the nation. It is the movement that has brought us into today’s awareness of how and what we eat and the impact it leaves on our being.

Must Reads…..

If you never read another book…please read these two…”Genetic Roulette” by Jeffrey M. Smith. (World famous advocate for non-GMO) ………………Extraordinary man and talent!

Jeffrey is head of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

The second is “The 9 Steps To Keep The Doctor Away” by DR. Rashid A. Buttar, Medical Director of the Center for Advanced medicine

***Jordan S. Rubin; New York Times bestselling author of The Makers Diet wrote “ In a world where good health is the exception rather than the norm, following Dr.Buttar’s 9 steps will save lives.”

***My take after reading it twice… is without a doubt the most factual and enlightening book I have read, ever. Much of my already beliefs were confirmed in a manner that were no longer doubtful.

Something to ponder~ sugar-labels-and-biotech


Do you love the night sky as much as I? The time is perfect for sky watching…wishing upon a star, and traveling through time one amazing discovery after another.

Introduce your children to sky watching if you haven’t already…a good telescope , a clear night, and the love of wonderment…will take you far~ (and a good cloak or quilt might be in order in most places)

Tip…Planets and the Moon don’t emit light…they reflect it from the sun.

Magnify Your Beauty…..

None of us are perfect specimens, nor should we desire to be so.

However, we can all take the gifts granted us and make them shine.

Citrus…..long admired for their antiseptic properties and zesty, uplifting scent, (lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruit) offer the perfect pick-me-up for winter weary skin. Discovered some 6,000 years ago in South East Asia they have been used for aphrodisiacs, protection against poison, and as symbols of eternal love and chastity. Today we know it’s the high vitamin C content and the alpha hydroxy acids in the peels that boost beauty/healthy benefits.

Embrace whatever the January month brings-we will never pass this way again.

The Sage Hill Farms Family~
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