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IAHF list: A friend just alerted me to this radio show at 9 PM EST today, Thursday. Its web based, so people can listen globally.
Dr.Carley is a hero. She was attacked by the NY State Medical Board and wrongly stripped of her license due to her efforts to expose the dangers of vaccination. In the radio show she'll do today, she'll be exposing the Centers for Disease Control's criminal inoculation policies. See the email address below of Dr.Atkinson, the guy in charge of inoculation policies at the CDC who's ear you need to bend. He is too gutless to debate her on the air (but challenge him anyway)..... As government goons gear up to force inocculate us all for Avian Flu, we all need to hear what Dr.Carley has to say........PLEASE FORWARD THE ALERT BELOW & TUNE IN!!!

This Thursday, January 19, 2006, please listen to "What's Ailing America?" at 9 PM EST on www.highway2health.net (click "radio show", then "listen"). This week's show will center around the CDC's inoculation policies, and the proof that Dr. Carley has presented to the CDC that the inoculations they are promoting are causing the biggest epidemic of disease and death the world has ever know, as proven in the medical books and writings of the CDC themselves. Dr. Carley's response to the CDC's Public Health "Protection" Research Guide can be accessed on the CDC site at http://www.rsvpbook.com/custom_pages/50942/popup_chapter.php, and will also be on Dr. Carley's website by showtime.

If you want to see the extent to which the CDC is forcing inoculations on Americans, please see this link about the CDC updating children's vaccine schedule.
http://www.webmd.com/content/Article/116/112427.htm. You notice near the end it says something disturbing; " The vaccine can only be delayed "in rare circumstances," the CDC states. Delays are only permitted if a doctor orders the vaccine to be withheld and the baby's medical record includes a lab report showing that the mother has tested negative for hepatitis B. " Of course, any doctor who orders the vaccine withheld will lose their license, so the lab test is moot, as no doctor will make such an order.

As the time draws near that the bird flu vaccine will be unleashed on the American public, it is critical that the people be armed with Dr. Carley's important information; and that the people demand answers from the CDC as to the contents of Dr. Carley's paper, other than the only response received thus far, whereby Dr. William Atkinson (head of the CDC's immunization program) e-mailed Dr. Carley to ask when he will go on trial on the internet for his crimes against humanity. Please forward this notice to everyone you know.

Dr. Carley welcomes comments or questions during the show...the numbers to call are (toll free) 888-762-8153, ext 897 for US and Canada listeners; 321-253-9667 for out of country or local Brevard County, FL listeners. If you would like to e-mail Dr. Atkinson and demand he come on the show to refute Dr. Carley's document, his e-mail addy is plasmid01@comcast.net; very revealing, as plasmids are rings of DNA being studied in the "Special Virus Cancer Program" which, when inoculated, cause cancer. It is time for Americans to stand up and stop the inoculation holocaust, before it is too late; and the swat teams are on your doorstep with a syringe with your name on it!