Storybooks in Jaisalmer
Last year, our Pratham Books Spark Curiosity Campaign launched a day early under the erroneous assumption it was already April 1st. In just 1.5 hours, fast-acting FARmily helped us reach our goal, making this the shortest Merasi School drive in history: 

* Andy, Clair, Emera, Karuna, & Kelly gifted stacks of story treasures
* Lindsay & Jim sponsored a cherished home covid delivery
* Shari and Dr. Bob re-filled Merasi School library shelves 
* Dan, a FARmily hero, claimed the Pratham Dream Goal
How lucky we continue to be !

Feeling uplifted to revisit success & share Pratham’s July 2022 Impact Story: An Oasis of Storybooks in Rajasthan
    Photographs by Akaram Khan, Merasi School
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