Dear Hong Kong List
Hong Kong and Chinas attempt to hide the Pillar of Shame from the public has made the sculpture more visible than ever. We found these event, but many more are out there.
Sincerely yours Jens Galschiot

New York
Latest the organization “Human Rights in China” marched through Times Square New York, displaying a 9meter tall banner depicting the sculpture. The march was orchestrated by Zhou, Fengsuo, survivor of the Tiananmen Massacre in Beijing in 1989 and executive director of Human Rights in China.  
Cornell University New York
Large commemorative June 4 poster based on the original Hong Kong Pillar of Shame was displayed for the first time at Cornell University, by Human Rights in China Executive Director Zhou, Fengsuo and Humanitarian China
Declaration by Hong Kong Committee, Norway;
Art has become a threat to society's security in Hong Kong
Today (May5) it became known that the security police in Hong Kong have seized Jens Galschiøts statue the Pillar of Shame. The city authorities have, since it was dismantled almost one and half a year ago, stopped the return of the statue to its owner in Denmark. The seize today was done in an investigation into alleged incitement to subvert society.
The Hong Kong Committee condemns this act, which seen together with the long detention of the sculpture in Hong Kong must be characterized as state art theft.
We react once again with anger against the repeated attempts to rewrite Hong Kong and China’s history. Only unimaginably weak regimes will find themselves forced to take such steps in their own denial of reality. (This is a translation of the original text in Norwegian)
Jessica Chiu, Director of the Hong Kong Committee Norway
Hong Kong condemns petition to free the Pillar of Shame.
The outrageous seize of the sculpture has led to a public outcry. Hong Kongs police seized the sculpture without informing the owner (Jens Galschiot). And they took it from the University of Hong Kong who had kept it illegally for 1½ years against the owners will. Still Hong Kongs authorities reacted with condemnation when NGO DEI started a petition to release the Pillar of Shame.
Pillar of Shame Banner Manifestations on June 4th:
Exile Hongkongers, Tiananmen survivors, supporters and Human Rights organisations are behind global manifestations on June 4th, where full size Pillar of Shame banners will appear all over the world at the traditional commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.
Banner Manifestations
On June 4th, 2023
USA (New York)
Korea (Seoul)
Poland (Warsawa)
USA (Los Angeles)
Canada (Torornto)
Denmark (Thisted)
USA (Washington DC)
Czech Republic
Denmark (Copenhagen)
USA (Boston)
Denmark (Silkeborg)
USA (San Fransisco)
Germany (Berlin)
Norway (Oslo)
USA (Newberry Spr. CA)
Germany (Offenburg)
Scotland (Aberdeen)
Japan (Tokyo)
Europeean Parliament
Japan (Kyoto)
New Zealand
England (London)
Taiwan (Taipei)
Central info about University of HK Kidnapping the Pillar:
University of Hong Kong recognizes Jens Galschiot as the owner of the sculpture. But they refuse to hand in spite of letters, calls and personal visits. Corespondence:
Important contacts:
Jens Galschiot (artist behind Pillar of Shame)
Loretta Lau, Director of of NGO DEI and curator for Mr. Galschiots. In February she was in Hong Kong to retrieve the Pillar but could not get access to the Pillar
Government of the HKSAR And Related Organisations - Hong Kong Police Force
Ho Tse Wai & Partners – Mr. Galschiots legal representatives in HK
Danish MP Karsten Hønge: - Has been meeting with the Chines ambassador in Denmark about the Pillar of Shame. He also has insights into the Danish Governments involvement in the Case.  
Danish Foreign Minister: Lars Løkke
P.C. WOO & Co - Legal representatives for University of HK
University of Hong Kong