Modern Major General Stubblebine// Rima Laibow- (so called)"Natural Solutions Foundation"

IAHF List:

A few people on the IAHF list have forwarded an alert to us that originated from a controlled opposition group called the "Natural Solutions Foundation". Since entering our movement, this dubious organization has been actively interfering with the work of IAHF and allied organizations via a campaign of disinformation and spin intended to distract dietary supplement consumers from the REAL issues in an attempt to subvert and hijack our movement by steering the grass roots into dead ends. Their gameplan is thoroughly exposed here:

A Modern Major General Exposed?


Their recent campaign calls attention to an FDA Federal Register Notice ( which they outrageously assert threatens to block non MDs from recommending dietary supplements to patients is no exception.

They would have us believe that unless we flood the FDA with their form comment, that the FDA is going to suddenly start attacking any non MD (chiropractor, ND, etc) who recommends dietary supplements to a patient.

NSFs assertions are both false and absurd. They would have us believe that FDA has the ability to rewrite the law. FDA can't do that, only Congress can. They would have us believe that through a Federal Register notice, FDA has the ability to make changes to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 under which dietary supplements are regulated as foods. They would have us believe that based on what FDA is saying, that unless FDA hears from a lot of people, non MDs (naturopaths, chiropractors) will suddenly not be allowed to recommend dietary supplements to patients and that health food stores would no longer be allowed to sell them to us. That is both false and absurd! This is the worst form of sensationalism and it has NO PLACE in this movement!


It should be self evident that unless we are able to stop our country from being forced into the North American Union, that failure to defend our sovereignty equals failure to defend the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act and all of our other laws as well as our Constitution.

Laibow/Stubblebine aren't doing a damn thing to call attention to this, moreover, when our movement attempted to kill CAFTA, (recognizing that the SPS language it contains ropes us more into CODEX) Laibow/Stubblebine generated no less than SEVEN spin pieces against our message while SIMULTANEOUSLY telling people that they'd just achieved a (non existent) "VICTORY" at Codex.

Read "A Modern Major General Exposed?" to get an idea of the kind of spin these people routinely engage in:

They did this in order to create COGNITIVE DISSONANCE in the minds of the people who were receiving our alerts- because they wanted them to SIT ON THEIR HANDS and not do ANYTHING to oppose
CAFTA. Right now, they're not doing anything to warn people about FDA's TCC or the NAU which its part of:

If you fail to grasp the fact that our country is being deconstructed right now with the ruling elite's plan being to force us into a North American Union with Canada and Mexico patterned after the European Union Dictatorship, please take the time to examine this information:

1. My petition calling for Congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter

2. Interview Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily just did of me:

3. National Problematique: North American Nightmare  8 min video

4. Video: The Real Face of the North American Union

5. Treason Abounds - Gov't Cabal Plots North American Union (NAU)

If you want any clarification on what I'm saying here after you've thoroughly examined the information above, please call me at 800-333-2553 H&W. Please forward this to anyone who might have received Laibow's so called "alert."

The harm these people have been doing within the health freedom movement is incalculable. Please STOP forwarding their so called "alerts"!!


 On April 13-15 IAHF will be participating in a panel discussion on Codex and Regional Harmonization issues at the Total Health Show sponsored by the Consumer Health Organization of Canada in Toronto. Also represented on the Panel will be Rob Verkerk of the UK's Alliance for Natural Health, and Scott Tips of the National Health Federation. Please join us if you're able to! Americans don't need passports to travel by land over the Canadian border til 2008, only Birth Certificates and DLs, so please make the trip to Toronto if you can:

Your donations assist us in defending against Codex by defending US Sovereignty, and by exposing the distractions of the controlled opposition groups that are working against our movement through a campaign of disinformation, lies and spin.

By suing film maker Kevin Miller, NSF blocked him from coming out with an updated version of "We Become Silent", but we intend to overcome this and come out with an updated version of the film as soon as possible. We'll send copies of "We Become Silent", along with copies of Byron Richard's book Fight For Your Health- Exposing FDA's Betrayal of America to anyone making a donation of $50. or more (For $25. get your choice of either, get both for $50.)


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