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Alpaca Glove/Mittens ("Glittens")
in many colors
Alpaca Cape/Wrap
now in Rich Black

Paula and Brian at PurelyAlpaca
 offer their 10 most favorite alpaca items
and why they love them. 

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Great Alpaca Christmas Gifts
Pom-Pom Hats!

Made super popular by
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
Multiple styles and colors available
More Socks!
Better stocked than ever on our Super-popular
"Superwarm" SuperHeavyWeight Extreme Alpaca Socks
And the TOP selling product,
the OutdoorAdventure heavyweight socks
Try Brian's FAVORITE socks,
the American Traveler
100% functional, warm, wicking and wonderful
For added comfort, wicking and warmth
nothing beats the American Choice 
alpaca insoles
We have all kinds of socks from heavy extreme
to running, dress and high fashion!
Other unique alpaca gift ideas
The Iditarod Extreme warth alpaca beanie
Part of the full cold weather Sportsman line
Alpaca fur teddy bears
Top selling Alpacadorable ornaments
Stylish alpaca head bands
American made alpaca Work/Play gloves
and mittens in many styles
Functionally warm, light and durable
alpaca bed blankets
Cute, funky, functional brushed
alpaca full-fingered and fingerless gloves
Luxury alpaca fur hats
Alpaca knit lined leather gloves
Comfortable, fashionable alpaca leg warmers

A great gift for the alpaca loving person 
in your life
Alpaca themed jewelry and Christmas ornaments
Give the unique gift of alpaca!

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