Dear Czech Hearttime Friends
I found this emails spontaneously and write something like a last outcry before buying my oversea-plane-ticket this Monday.
As we know, the organisation around Chris broke in pieces.
I know that some of you have worked for our next workshops and ceremonies together already last November, thank you so much for your love and trust!
From others of you I did not hear anymore after being the Prague-SHAMANIC HEALING HEARTBEAT Workshop in Spring 2018 the best of that tour, Prague and Czech Republic means something very very special for me, on my personal pilgrimage to collective healing and o a higher level of gathering we do… You might understand me…
So, if you want this to go on, just take action NOW. If not it will be too late, and the wonderfull work which Irena did the last time (and made possible my being back in Czech Republic) will not going on for the moment. God knows and bless, but we take the action down here, hehehe…
I can offer still the weekend from 2 to 5 of May 2019 so I would fly directly from Mexico to Prague and begin this years COLLECTIVE HEALING TOUR in Prague.
We need: people who lead the organisation and do inscriptions, who are connected to groups with a good database (work together can do!), and we need a location for the weekend retreat in Prague or outside, we can also do evening event for example on Thursday or Friday…
Here the tour so far: 
Love, Pascal K’in
I would love to hear from you this Sunday 24 feb in Skype: centropakal or Pascal K’in Greub