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Go here http://www.orthomed.com/bird.htm and download the PDF File titled
"Preparing for the Coming Influenza Pandemic",
By Grattan Woodson, MD, FACP, Medical Director, The Druid Oaks Health Center, Decatur, GA USA

I found this information on the website of my friend Robert Cathcart, MD, one of the pioneers of vitamin C research. Please make copies of his thoroughly researched article and get it around to everyone you know, especially MDs and health food stores. Write letters to the editors of your local paper and tell people about it that way too.

What I gleaned from reading it is that right now everyone expects a pandemic, but they just don't know how bad it will be so it pays to be prepared for the worst, even though it might not happen.

The expected Avian flu outbreak this winter could be as bad as the outbreak of 1918 which killed around 5 Million people, or it could be more like the one from 1958 which wasn't nearly as bad, and there is just no way to predict right now how bad it will be.

Here is an article that theorizes that the 1918 Pandemic was actually WORSENED by a vaccine:

It is disconcerting that the Centers for Disease Control has replicated the 1918 Virus from frozen samples as it could escape..... (or be unleashed by the shadow government via the CDC for population control measures http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/story/0,3605,1585976,00.html


An MD on the IAHF list just provided me with the following instructions (below these comments) on how to start an IV. I would not attempt to do this without first having hands on instruction from a nurse, MD, or other practitioner who has had actual hands on experience, but after reading it, I do feel inspired to seek out someone who could teach me how to do this, and I'd like to get my meat hooks on some equipment including bottles of intravenous vitamin C solution.

If there is an Avian Flu Pandemic, (and I'm not saying for sure that there will be since no one knows that for sure), it wouldn't hurt to know how to infuse my neighbors here in this small town with vitamin C. At least those in my immediate vicinity could keep their immune systems strong if we did this here.

Some very strange things are appearing in the media right now about this anticipated Avian Flu outbreak. What concerns me the most is the mindset of many people in our society who have been brainwashed into believing that vaccinations are a "viable solution" and who see nothing wrong with their being FORCED on people if martial law is declared and cities are quarantined.

My own brother's wife is one such brainwashed person. She would be dead set in FAVOR of military troops HOLDING US DOWN while MDs forcibly administer a vaccine because her mom was a nurse and she was INCULCATED with the view that Pasteur's germ theory holds water. (It doesn't)
Pasteur himself RECANTED his entire germ theory while on his death bed saying ""Its the TERRAIN, not the GERM." http://www.mnwelldir.org/docs/terrain/lost_history_of_medicine.htm

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO START AN Intravenous Solution of Vitamin C

Take a piece of soft rubber tubing (surgical tubing is a light browinsh-yellow color) about 1/4 inch diameter and put it under your bluejeans. Hold the fabric tight and practice sticking the needle in this.

Start at 45 deg angle to get tip into lumen, then drop to about 20 deg and advance tip about 1/8 inch. If iv needle has a plactic covering it slides over the needle into the lumen while holding the needle stationary. The metal needle acts as a guide to push the plastic catheter in.
Take off turniquet and pull needle out leaving plastic catheter in vein. Tape catheter hub and exposed metal to skin. If a plastic one is used advance plastic over metal needle as far as it will go. The plastic tip is rounded and dull and if in lumen will follow in the lumen and not punture through other wall.

Attach iv tubing, make sure tube is full of solution first. Form a loop with about 6 in. of the tubing behind the catheter and tape to skin near the catheter so that the catheter runs straight with the vein and no tension is on it to pull it either way. The plastic or metal catheter is taped to the skin where it enters also. Now if you accidentally pull on the tubing it will pull where taped to the skin and not where the needle enters. Turn on Iv and it should flow freely. If tip is not in vein you will see a bubble like swelling where the tip is. Also some solutions will burn some if not in vein. If not in right place turn off, put pressure over site with kleenix, and pull out. This is the same way you end the iv if all goes ok. Hold some pressure for a few minutes. Hold arm or hand up over head will reduce pressure in the vein and help the stop bleeding. Usually a minuite of light pressure over the vein is enough


Don't worry about blood getting out of catheter before hookup with iv--put a towel under arm beforehand. If you forget to take off turniquet it will come out fairly fast looking scary but you have 6-8 liters of this inside to spare. If it shoots out 5or more inches with each heart beat, you are in an artery. Put pressure over needle tip with kleenix, and push down while pulling out. Hold tight pressure on arteries for 3- 5 minutes to stop bleeding.

Use aseptic tecnique, that means soap and water to clean hands and arm.
Kleenix with alcohol (70% rubbing) will work as alcohol swab before sticking. Don't lick needle to clean it or wipe on dirty cloths.

Have visual image in the mind of what you are doing before ou do it--like crossing a creek you imagine which stones your feet will hit before you leap.

Most who have worked as x-ray techs, nurses, or emts, can show you how.
Some doctors can even do it.

It takes the mechanical skills of about a 10 y/0, but the brains of an adult. It takes more skill to hit a golf ball or shoot skeet.

Chances of death are 0.

Doing it on yourself is not recommended as starters, its like doing a one handed push up or skiing with one leg. You have to be an expert with two hands first.

I find a 23 guage catheter is best.

Don't be in a rush, but plan to someday add this skill to your list. Use google "how to start an IV".

You could save your own or someone elses life with this skill.