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March~the Month of Spring Beginnings

Yes, yes, yes, spring arrives on the 20th of this month, color me excited! Sage
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Let me update you on some of Sage Hill’s new projects.

Online Classes

Growing Your Own Garden Classes will begin on April 1, 2013

These classes will cover all aspects of gardening including the planning stages, prepping your materials, planting, caring for your growing plants and harvesting your produce. You can choose from 2 levels:

Plan 1.
Basic monthly access for $10.95 per month. This covers full access to the posted material, but does not include the personal email support or any live sessions.
Plan 2.
Join as a full access member for $24.95 per month and have 24/7 classroom information at your fingertips, live sessions (to be announced), plus unlimited email support for individual questions and advice.

Update on our Organic Garden project for Curry Middle School in Alabama

…..Drum Roll…..Monday, March 4th is the release date for the fundraiser that will be conducted through Indiegogo and we will be so grateful for any and all participation~

We all know how almost impossible it is to get this kind of project into a public school. Curry Middle School deserves a big thumbs up and hopefully a lot of $$$ support. More detail in the release.

Garden Tasks for March

If you have fruit trees, don’t forget to spray the trunks and branches with a good dormant oil to protect against fungus of different varieties…many do this in the fall and that is ok, but, if not done in the late fall then do it now.

In the middle south many vegetables can be sowed directly into the ground this month. Peas, leeks, onions, Brussels sprouts, spinach, broad beans, etc.

Some hardy plants can be set. Cabbages, shallots, potatoes, garlic (if not already done) asparagus…again, if not already done.

If you see weeds, pull them now, once the ground really warms up growth will multiply and they can get ahead of you. (Raised Bed gardening is virtually weed free!)

Blog News

We have a new blog on the Sage Hill Farms website. “Wellness Wealth,” revolves around the ingredients that make us each who we really are, or perhaps who we really wish to be. Good things, joyful things, pretty and precious things. Come visit and leave your calling card Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store m/wellness-wealth

Beas beatitudes is and will always be available for all your herbal info needs.

I think I have Spring Fever. I’ve totally enjoyed the winter and not one to wish for more than the now, however, enough is enough - I find myself knowing I’ve had enough winter!

Make it a Marvelous March~

The Sage Hill Farms Family~
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