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Kelly and Mark in Ghana
Kelly and Mark have now been in Ghana for five weeks. Both have found a home and are now fully dedicated to Meet Kate. Kelly will be primarily focussing on the development of the Meet Kate Children’s Home. Mark started a new project: the “Meet Kate is going to school project”. Through this project, Meet Kate want to offer a sholarship to those children who cannot go to school due to financial problems.
Mark: “97% of the children is going to primary school of which 75% is in the age and development-appropriate class. After primary school, only 45% continue their education by going to secondary school. We want to help raise this percentage in the Gomoa and Agona District”.
We’ll keep you posted on the progress of this project. We expect the first scholarship-children to attend school in September 2011.
The Meet Kate Children’s Home
The MKCH is doing very well. Last Februari 7th, the children’s home celebrated it’s 6-month-anniversary! Since the opening, there are 19 children living at the house (at some point 24). There are also more and more children attending our day care. Here, we prepare the children for primary school in a playfull manner. Would you like to meet the children at the Children’s Home? Click here. To meet the children attending our daycare, click here.
FrankEve is Meet Kate’s very first project, we started working with them in 2007. This year, we would like to get involved again and help them create a sustainable plan for the future. At this moment, Francisca and Evans, the founders of FrankEve, are in South Africa to attend several courses to increase their skills. The courses will last one month, after which they will work with Meet Kate and Diedeke Bours on a new businessplan. This plan will take us to the next level in the coming five years.

With kind regards,
Kelly de Vries 
Stichting Meet Kate, Postbus 92235, 1090 AE, Amsterdam
25-2-2011, Ekwamkrom
Birthdays in February
Mark van Doorn (project manager)
Edward (2001, MKCH)
Michael (2005, MKCH)
 Meet Kate wants you to meet...
Every newsletter, we introduce you to someone in one of our projects. This can be one of the children, a student, teacher or employee.
This month we’d like you to meet Philomena Fynn, the founder and director of the Meet Kate Children’s Home. Her passion to help children lead to the construction of this children’s home, where 19 children are living right now.
It cost some blood, sweat and tears but the 25 computers that were shipped to Ghana for Meet Kate have finally arrived at the MKCH! We are now making tables for the computer so hopefully we can start our computer lessons soon.
This month we’d like to thank KITS OONLIE afterschool daycare in Heiloo for their effort to support Meet Kate. The children and their parents collected 425 Euro and different English children’s books and DVD’s. The money will be spent on a schoolbus for the MKCH.

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