BHAF Site Reps and Associations

Dear Site Reps and Association Committee Members,

We had some suggestions for agenda items sent to us, and we have compiled an agenda. Thanks for your input.
  1. Site Reps.
    1. Have all sites got representatives? Manton Road / Falmer / Windmill Hill
    2. Are they now being elected? How is the Site Reps Election Process coming along?
    3. Site rep training. BHAF rep Andrew Amos and RAGS offer
    4. GDPR using email addresses in the send field!
  1. Maintenance:
    1. Have Bruce's maintenance hours been replaced?
    2. How is Sam coping when he's effectively on his own
    3. Are there any particular trends in Maintenance issues? More rubbish? More Vandalism? 
    4. How is the Maintenance scheduling being organised?
  1. Finances
    1. Since the Allotment Officer has been temporarily re-deployed is his salary now covered by another Council Department? How much has been saved?
    2. Have we made any savings on the water bills?
  1. Public attitudes to Allotment Provision.
    Bruce raised at the AGM the assertion that only 2% of council tax payers expressed any interest in Allotments as a valid resource to be provided by the City Council. 
    1. Can we have more details of the research?
    2. How do Allotments compare with other services such as Libraries, Sports Facilities, Museums, the Arts?
    3. Should we, as a Federation, be active in attempting to change this public perception? If
  1. The Allotment Strategy.
    1. A review of the Allotment Strategy is due this year. What plans are there for a review?
Wednesday 19th June at 7pm
At Patcham Community Centre

This meeting is open to all Site Reps and Allotment Association Committee Members. 

Best Regards
BHAF Committee


Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation