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A few weeks ago where I live I emailed the documentary film "The Crash- The Coming Financial Collapse of America": to the pastor of my local church. I wanted her to help organize a meeting to show this film to a lot of people in the local community so that people would take steps to prepare. She went into instant denial, and refuses to take action. Right now, we're witnessing everything the film predicted happening directly in front of us!

So I just emailed her about the events of the past weekend, the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros Bank, etc, and got no response. I don't know about you, but I am not capable of watching a train racing along the tracks about to run over a lot of people without trying my hardest to alert them so that they'll get up and run out of the way- in this case by stocking up on staples and taking care to protect their assets!

I am still trying doggedly to get a meeting off the ground here despite her lack of help, and will go to church on sunday with an announcement and a flyer to hand out. I won't say one word about her when I make my announcement, its not my place to judge her- but I can't not make this effort. I urge all of you to make similar efforts in your own communities!

While there is some speculation as to who "RC Christian" actually represented, we can safely assume that the ruling elite murderers who inscribed their message to the world into the Georgia Guidestones that they intend to reduce world population down to 500 Million were deadly serious. They did, after all, put their evil message into 8 different languages, and they paid a king's ransom to the tombstone company that erected the monument to put it up:

Even with the recent bankruptcy of Lehman Bank, the Bank of America buyout of Merrill Lynch, and the government bailout of AEG insurance (to go along with their previous bailouts of Bear Sterns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac- and the prospect of a whole cascade of additional bank failures and probable martial law----only a small percentage of you are lifting a finger to prepare for total economic collapse and martial law-- don't you value your lives more than this? Come on! I KNOW you do! Get that fightin' spirit! We can't let the NWO just drive us over the cliff like so many bleating SHEEP!!! I, for one, REFUSE to do what they want!

The reason I know this is so few of you are bothering to communicate with me about your plans. I also know it because only one of you (a health food store in Georgia) paid any attention to my recommendation of SPIZ energy drink as a good survival food. ( ) Normally I don't disgest protein powder mixes well, normally I get constipated from them or don't like them because they taste bad. Spiz is different. For the past week I've been literally living on the stuff as an experiment, and feel fine on it. You owe it to yourself to order at least a case to supplement your OTHER food storage, and if you haven't put in ANY food storage yet WHAT are you waiting for???

I also recommend contacting Holmes Enterprises for Hemp Protein and Hemp Oil at 604-431-8787 and tell them I sent you. Hemp is a perfect food containing all essential amino acids. You can mix it into smoothies and put it on salads. Get at least a 30 lb box and a 4 liter bottle of Hemp oil for your food storage.

Every day I'm balancing my time between work, self preparation, exercise to stay sane and to discharge stress, and an ongoing effort to reach out to those around me. I urge you to please do the same! If you are in or near a large city, please develop a contingency plan so you can get out at the first indication of trouble! When I moved here to Point Roberts, I did so after consulting Stratetgic Relocation- The North American Guide to Safe Places  

If you still lack a safe haven, this would be a good place due to our mild winters, long growing season, being on the ocean, lack of crime, friendliness of the people,  being far from military targets, and in the country.

There are houses for sale and places for rent here. Although I haven't gotten it yet, I am laying the groundwork for a local meeting about the coming collapse and the need to prepare and I'm planting seeds of awareness with everyone I come into contact with her. Contact me if interested in moving here or in getting away from where you are. I will help to the degree that my own time permits.

Very soon you'll be able to paper your wall with dollar bills because they won't be worth ANYTHING- it will be like the Weimar Republic after WW1 where people were taking wheelbarrows full of worthless Deutchmarks to the store trying to get non existent loaves of bread. The mother of all crashes is clearly coming, but most of you are sitting on your butts acting as though everything were normal, even as you see the news reports coming in about gigantic institutions like Lehman and Merrill Lynch collapsing. How long do you think we have before there will be a run on the banks? Been paying attention to the Dow lately?

Mike Adams recently generated these timely alerts- please read and act upon them:

Financial Hurricane Warning: How to Protect Yourself from the Global Financial Fallout Now Underway Health Ranger LIVE: How to Survive the Financial Tsunami and Prepare For the Coming "Economic End Game"

Also see this article by someone else

Please get into motion if you haven't been already! Starvation is not fun, take it from me, I have experienced it first hand. I'm also barely scraping by as I do this work. Please send a donation to IAHF. Its not worth my time or energy to continue sending out these alerts unless you make it worth my while, and I could really use your help at this time as I make my own preparations and try to alert my local community and continue to be here for all of you.

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