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Don't forget! THIS Saturday 25.04 we will have our first DEEP night @ JH Wommel, a CD presentation party with full live shows by three of the featured bands on this female orientated electro/minimal/wave compilation! More info below!

We are also happy to confirm yet another night at the ancient but cosy fortress venue JH Wommel with some heavy EBM/Industrial and Electro/Wave from the North American continent, 
Youth Code (LA, US) & Weird Candle (CAN)!
You never heared of them? Then you have some urgent catching up to do! They are HOT!  
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25.04 Deep Night 'I' feat. Keluar + Popsiminova + Onrust @ JH Wommel 

BodyBeats productions & Daft Records presents:
featuring live shows by
+ Minimal / Electro / Wave / EBM party + DEEP CD presentation
Party beats with DJ's BORG, Skullscraper (Dirk Ivens) & Mat Zwart (Waveteef)
On this night we proudly present you the release of 'DEEP', a female orientated compilation album released by DAFT Records, compiled by the master Dirk Ivens himself. Of course just spinning the record would be to easy so we decided to back this release night up with some great mesmerizing concerts of some of the bands that are featured on the 'DEEP' compilation. Besides the relative newcomer ONRUST from Kortrijk (B), we have managed to book the Croatian POPSIMONOVA and KELUAR, who are already notorious for their energetic and impressive live shows.
14 + 15 + 16.05 Eurorock feat. A Split Second, Absolute Body Control, Crash Course In Science, Implant, The Juggernauts & Portion Control!
BodyBeats Productions & Eurorock present:
14 + 15 + 16.05  - Neerpelt - B
Indeed! Eurorock returns after over a decade of silence! So, Belgium has once again another big Electro/Gothic/Doom Metal festival as the Belgian cult electro/industrial festival EUROROCK returns from the dead! The festival will take place on at the Sint-Huibrechts-Lille event terrain where the original festival was housed until 2002.
The line-up is 99% complete and includes bands like FRONT 242, ASP, PETER HOOK AND THE LIGHT (A celebration of Joy division), KILLING JOKE, THE FIELD OF THE NEPHILIM, THE NEON JUDGEMENT to name a few ... But we are also please to say a bunch of BodyBeats bands will participate on this edition too!
Pre-sales are going pretty well so make sure your in!
23+24.05 Crash Course In Science, The Juggernauts & Monolith @ WGT

BodyBeats productions & Wave Gotik Treffen present:
22.05 MONOLITH & more 
24.05 THE JUGGERNAUTS &  more
Wave Gotik Treffen 2015
Leipzig - D
29.05 Youth Code (us) + Weird Candle (can) @ JH Wommel - Antwerp
BodyBeats Productions & Weird Records present:
EBM/Industrial - USA 

Electro/Wave/Punk - CAN
Los Angeles Duo Youth Code are raw, punishing, industrious electronics built from the seeds of hardcore and early Wax Trax. They blend chaos with catchy dance undertones to create a sonic fury paralleled to none. Formed in 2012, Using all hardware to perform, Youth Code have already proven their path with being the first band outside of Psychic TV to be put out by PTV's own label "Angry Love Productions " as well as a full length LP on the flawless Dais Records roster.
Weird Candle smash EBM and punk together for a dark and frantic dance/mosh event reminiscent of Minstry's 80s synthpunk origins. Bizarre but incredibly catchy keyboard ensembles and heavy industrial beats combined with Katerwol's 70s punk style stage antics make Weird Candle an act that lives up to their name and beyond.
Some more up-coming BodyBeats powered events!
17.05 CCIS @ Paris
19.05 CCIS @ Madrid 12-14.06 Gelsenkirchen
08+09.08 Hildesheim
And a grasp of some more interesting things to come ... (click links for more info)
25.09.15  Absolute Body Control @ The Bunker Strasse E, Dresden, D
26.09.15  Dive @ Kon71, Nurnberg, D 
18.12.15  BIMFEST XIV @ Zappa, Antwerp, B - line-up TBA
19.12.15  BIMFEST XIV @ Zappa, Antwerp, B - line-up TBA
(More dates to be confirmed / More info on www.bodybeats.be)
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