Maurice Strong...Former UN Secy Gen.
Architect of UN Agenda 21 Pop Control Scam
Architect of "Global Warming" Scam
Arch Enemy of Health Freedom and All Freedom
This Alert Contains Valuable Information on How to Easily Oppose this Collectivist Tyrant & His FDA Cronies.
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My last alert (Is Health Freedom an Endangered Species?) must be seen against the backdrop of this critical anti tyranny information.
We vastly outnumber our would be ruling elite overseers, and the only way they can foist their population control/ societal control agenda on us is if we let them!
Its very easy to fight back! One easy way is viaResistNet. Its free to join. I just created a profile there yesterday along with this Health Freedom group, and you can help me network our health freedom information. I posted my last alert on this site in several locations and am already generating useful responses.
I hope a lot of you will help network via ResistNet because theres power in numbers, and together we CAN make our health freedom issues more a part of the national dialogue as the fall election that will decide if we sink or swim as a nation occurrs. If a huge number of you join the health freedom forum I just started on this site, increased numbers to it will attract the attention of the site administrators who will then catapult it more into people's fields of view on the site where it will then become far more visible, so please help!
On ResistNet you can create a profile, join a group of resistors from your state, join groups addressing different sovereignty issues, assist candidates seeking to drive out traitors who are not honoring their oaths, get access to all kinds of helpful tools and information that will help you oppose the New World Order, and above all, you can help IAHF to drive our health freedom message a lot more deeply into the national consciousness.
You can join my "friends list" on ResistNet and help carry our IAHF message throughout all the State groups on the site. You can assist me in reaching candidates for office so they'll incorporate our health freedom anti Codex, anti FDA TCC message into their platforms as we seek to monkeywrench the North American Union and preserve our Constitution and the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.
* Note: I have discovered that ResistNet works best with Mozilla Firefox as you internet browser, some site commands do not work properly if you use Explorer.Firefox is a free download if you don't have it.
FDA only beats us if we LET them! They only succeed in end running DSHEA if we do nothing!
Frankly, if you value your access to supplements, and you value all of your basic freedoms, you can't afford to ignore this, you've got to get active in fighting back because theres no safety net under any of us unless we create one ourselves! Theres no easier way to fight back than this! 
Someone just responded to my last alert with the comment that this struggle is merely a "meme war" between allopathic medicine and alternative medicine and that this struggle is likely to go on for a long time.
My response was that while it is indeed a "meme war" its also a LOT more than just that and fighting back NOW is critical to our sheer survival!
Here was my response...... I invite your thoughts on what I'm saying here. Do you agree? Disagree? Do you see more ways we can get this information out while theres still time? Please join me on ResistNet.

WatchAgenda 21 for Dummies:

The FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter is part of a much broader population control/ societal control agenda. Its part of an effort to destroy the sovereignty of all nations in order to force us all into regional governmental constructs for which the EU is the model, then ultimately into a global totalitarian state. Via an incremental agenda, the ruling elite intend to kill off 90% of us and to forcibly relocate people to tiny pockets where human beings are to be allowed to live. We're to be put on strict food and water rations for (ahem) "sustainability" purposes. The intention is to enslave us all, to use food and water as weapons and to microchip us.
Maurice Strong has the audacity to deny that he is trying to do anything beyond "helping" us (we're supposed to all meekly AGREE to be culled...... its for our "own good" dontcha know. We're supposed to let the UN disarm us, we're supposed to let UN troops round us up and railroad us off to "relocation centers." US Northern Command has been practicing for anticipated martial law for a while now-watch this urban warfare training drill in Oakland CA.
The only safety net is that which we create for ourselves, prayer is in order along with concerted strategic resistance and opposition. Many people can't take this all in, and go into denial when you try to present it to them. Its too much for the average person to wrap their mind around, but we have to try to awaken people.

If enough people grasped the broader agenda behind the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, they wouldn't be so damn complacent, they'd be organizing via sites such as as I am in an effort to monkeywrench this collectivist agenda. Show this information to your brother and sister and ask them to forward it to all their Southern Baptist friends.

 I am not Southern Baptist, but I can unequivocally tell you that this battle we're witnessing unfold against UN Agenda 21, and against the UN's Codex scam and against the FDA's TCC is a battle between good and evil.

Some might scoff at this notion. They would not if they carefully examined UN Agenda 21 the way I have.

Read this- The Earth Charter-Companion to UN Agenda 21:

Many NGO organizations have had a hand in shaping the scam that is Agenda 21. One of them is the "Lucis Trust" which was originally called the "Lucifer Trust" before they changed their name for PR purposes..... The Lucis Trust works very closely with the Club of Rome which are the prime movers behind UN Agenda 21.

The Lucis Trust is pushing a one world "religion" (Gaia Worship)  Familiarize yourself with Blavatsky's book The Secret Doctrine  Adolph Hitler was a huge adherent of hers. He kept her book by his bedside. Blavatsky was one of the founders of the theosophist society which became the Lucifer Trust which then morphed into the Lucis Trust.

This organization is very active today in planning the New World Order as an influential UN NGO organization. Its Board of Directors has included a lot of very influential satanists including members of the Rockefeller family. It provides financial support for "World Goodwill" a highly questionable umbrella organization comprised of numerous UN NGO groups such as the World Wildlife Fund and others whose actions should be scrutinized by a lot more people because these are NOT the wonderful, benevolent organizations that they might appear to be at first glance.

 It pays to know your enemy. Don't kid yourself. As the first person in the world to call the Codex international threat to health freedom and also the FDA's TCC to public attention, there is no question in my mind about where we'll end up unless a lot more people become aware of the threat posed by UN Agenda 21 and related scams including FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.

Get active in fighting back any way you can. The life and freedom you save could be your own. One way is via I just created a profile there yesterday and posted this article there in the hope of alerting more people to what I am seeing. I could use help from more people to network on this and similar sites. Please forward this response to more people and urge them to remove their blinders and pay attention to what is going on right under their noses. None of this is being reported in the controlled media, so its up to each of us to educate as many people as we can.

Do you value IAHF's efforts to stimulate a National public dialogue re the huge threat posed by these sleeper issues? Please show your appreciation via getting involved as discussed above and via a donation to: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal The life you save could be your own!