Artist: Emil Jensen
Title: Radioaktivitet (feat Klara Söderberg of First Aid Kit)
Single from upcoming album - I det nya landet - out 2nd October
Brand new video:
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We at Adrian Recordings are always trying to thigh everything together and place a track or an artist in the best of surroundings so that the outcome and the experience are the best. The 2nd of September we released the new single with our artist Emil Jensen where he duets with Klara Söderberg from First Aid Kit. Emil and Klara is old friends and have sung together live before, so it only felt natural that she should participate on the new album.
Emil is a man of word but this spring he directed a wordless performance by the two acrobats David & Fofo so it only felt natural that they should participate in the video to the track.
“Radioaktivitet” is the first single from Emil Jensen's new album "I det nya landet" out October the 2nd. It features Klara Söderberg from First Aid Kit on back up vox.
Directed by Oskar Cresso
Featuring David & Fofo  
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The single comes in 2 versions
“Up beat”:
“No beat”:
On the new album he taps the pulse of the world and himself. Emil has previously released four praised albums and toured with both albums and shows all over northern Europe. He is an unprecedented master at throwing himself between music and speech, humour and gravity, personal and global as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
The new album is recorded in the vast fields of Gotland together with Tobias Fröberg (Tomas Andersson Wij, Ane Brun, Lisa Ekdal) as producer but yet a very global thematic. At the same time; it is Emil's most personal and political record yet. To further lure the specificity of Emil's tone Tobias let Emil record just about every instrument by himself. Out bursts a clearer Emil Jensen-album and with that room for friends, Klara Söderberg (First Aid Kit), Johan T Karlsson (Familjen), Edda Magnason (Monica Z), Klubbkören and more..
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