Norman Solomon
April  7, 2011
Hi Friend,
     With her usual precision, Molly Ivins commented: “If Will Rogers and Mother Jones had a baby, Jim Hightower would be that rambunctious child -- mad as hell, with a sense of humor.”

     Jim is the real deal -- a progressive populist so compelling that he was chosen to be the finale guest on the intrepid PBS program “Bill Moyers Journal.”
     I’m proud that Jim Hightower is making a special trip to California to speak in support of my emerging campaign for Congress.
     On Saturday, April 16, Jim will appear at an afternoon event at the French Garden Restaurant in Sebastopol -- where other terrific speakers will include former KPFA Radio “Morning Show” host Aimee Allison and the chair of the California Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus, Karen Bernal.
     That night, Jim will be speaking at an “Ice Cream Social” shindig in Corte Madera. As in Sebastopol, topical songs will be performed by Bruce Barthol, the original bass player of Country Joe and the Fish.
     Tickets are going fast; you can buy them now online. For the Sebastopol event, click here. For the Corte Madera event, click here.
     More campaign house parties are coming up soon in Marin and Sonoma. I hope you’ll “save the date” for one or two. For a complete listing, click here.
     We’ve been getting a very strong response to the website If you haven’t seen it lately, please take a look.
     The escalating nuclear catastrophe in Japan has energized and widened opposition to nuclear power.  Sadly, the worst is yet to come. “From Tokyo to Washington, the authorities are doing all they can to downplay realities,” I wrote in an article in the North Bay Bohemian last month. “The oxymoronic talk is about ‘safe nuclear power’ -- right up there with ‘jumbo shrimp’ and ‘clean coal.’”
     Drawing on what I learned as an anti-nuclear activist, director of the National Citizens Hearings for Radiation Victims and co-author of “Killing Our Own: The Disaster of America’s Experience with Atomic Radiation,” I’ll be participating in these two events in San Rafael:
     **  On Monday, April 18 at 7 p.m. -- “Nuclear Power: What’s at Stake?” in the spotlight at Dominican University’s Guzman Hall -- where expert panelists, including a representative of Physicians for Social Responsibility, will discuss the technology, radiation dangers, politics and media dynamics of nuclear power from Japan to California and beyond. (Free admission.)
     **  On Monday, April 25 at 7:15 p.m. -- at the Rafael Theater, 1118 Fourth Street in downtown San Rafael -- the prophetic Emmy Award-winning documentary “Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang” will have a one-time screening. After the lights come up, I’ll be in conversation with filmmaker Saul Landau about the relevance of the film to our current nuclear realities, more than 30 years after its premiere. For details, click here.
     One more invitation: A fundraiser for the Metta Center for Nonviolence is set for the late afternoon of Saturday, April 23 at a private home in San Rafael. If you’d like to attend and support that wonderful organization, please reply with “Metta Center” in the subject line and I’d be glad to send you details.
Best wishes,
Norman Solomon | P.O. Box 1407 | Point Reyes | CA | 94956