Stitchin', Bitchin' and Not Jabbing a Needle in Your Eye 5th April 2007

Sweet Spring Lamb-Flavoured Greetings to You People of the Knit     

We hope that this newsletter finds you well, and that now the sun is (mostly) out you are managing to get in a bit of alfresco knitting somewhere green and pleasant. Stand by for knitting in parks and various other outdoor comfy places very soon.

This week’s meeting in the coffee-scented basement of giant Waterstone’s was the usual caffeine-fuelled affair. Who knew so many of you had such hideous 80s patterns stashed away in your shameful knitting mag piles? Special mention goes to the primary coloured, triangle pattern man’s sweater (with the model smoking! Scandalous!) in one leaflet and the utterly bizarre gigantic knitted bluebottle in another book.

Lion Scarf Tales

This week has been a surprisingly excellent one Lion Scarf-wise. On Wednesday morning the little report your friendly neighbourhood newsletter writer did for Channel Five News was finally shown AND I finally got my first knitting article published. We also made it into Simply Knitting magazine too. Yay!

News on the Lion Scarf Draw and the Lion Scarf Exhibition very soon. And you can still win giant needles, fab yarn or a piece of London knitting history by donating even the smallest amount to Cancer Research.

Stitch and Soooo Two Decades Ago

Details of the next meeting:

We return to the fantabulous world of the Retro Bar next meeting. Climb the stairs to the upstairs bar and find a seat under photos of 80s and 90s pop heroes. Knit, unwind and sing along to something you know you shouldn’t admit to knowing all the words to. Wear something with shoulder pads. We dare you.

TUESDAY 10th April
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: The Retro Bar (Upstairs)
2 George Court (Off the Strand)

Tel: 020 7321 2811


Nearest tube: Charing Cross, Embankment

Stitch and Busking with Bach

Details of the meeting after next:

WEDNESDAY 18th April
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: The Crusting Pipe (outside if we’re lucky)
27 The Market
Covent Garden

Tel: 020 7836 1415


Nearest tube: Covent Garden, Leicester Square

Stitch aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Relax

The world of knitting is a confusing place at the best of times. Does self-patterning yarn knit itself if you leave it alone for too long? Is it possible to knit and walk at the same time? What the hell is a bobble stitch?

Calm down dear! This week we have been nice enough to dig up a few websites and mailing lists to help to make sense of it all. A couple of months back S&BL signed up to this US newsletter and we have no regrets. Expect a newsletter crammed into your inbox weekly that is so full of knitting information it scares us slightly. Read yarn reviews “the yarn was fairly lifeless on the hank”, take part in knitting polls “Do you believe in the love sweater curse” (we do), and tons of How Tos “Stash Management” Sizing Up Oddballs”.

Knit on the Net KotN is a fairly new beast when it comes to being an online knitting mag. It may be young but it makes up for it with boundless enthusiasm. It features in-depth articles on the knitting world (check out the article on retro style by the fabulous Jane Waller (more on her next week), and other fab stuff (including my article, not to be biased or anything!). It also has some rather fab patterns and some good marketplace links. It is no Knitty yet but we expect big, woolly things from it in the future. Their knitting info is endless. If you sat down and tried to take it all in your head would pop like a cherry tomato under the wheels of a hummer. They even have a knitting safety pages (which honestly have more than “Don’t jab that needle in your eye” on them).


That is all the knitting news we’re going to let you have this week. If you are thirsty for more you’ll just have to find your own (and then tell us). Welcome to the list new People of the Knit, we hope to see you brazenly knitting in public soon. Knitters lurking in the wings who haven’t tried it yet step out and give your knitting some air!

Happy knitting and stay fluffy.

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